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I downloaded the program and I activated it. However, it would not let me register the account and when my computer shuts down unexpectedly, the program is removed from my hard drive.
asked Mar 21, 2011 by Bridgette Dukarm (120 points) about Photo Framer
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1 answer 214 views
Why can't I install Photoshine? I have downloaded this program but it doesn't appear in my Program files.
asked Mar 21, 2011 about Photoshine
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1 answer 146 views
I thought I downloaded an app that allowed me to write and send meeting recap notes. How do I do this?
asked Jan 26, 2011 about Microsoft Office Word
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How do I print multiple labels? I have saved 20 individual address labels. Can I put them in a group and print all at once without selecting and printing them individually?
asked Dec 8, 2010 about P-touch Editor
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1 answer 630 views
Sounds like a lame question but how can I print a whole group of different labels without printing them one by one?
asked Dec 8, 2010 about P-touch Editor
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1 answer 187 views
I can't download this program. On the official web page there is no download link available. Can you help me?
asked Dec 6, 2010 about GIANTS Editor
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1 answer 852 views
Whenever I click "Next Scan" on Cheat Engine, it doesn't do anything. Why?
asked Nov 19, 2010 about Cheat Engine
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1 answer 526 views
How can I insert Arabic text? I want to insert Arabic language test in my photo but the edition I have doesn't support Arabic.
asked Aug 18, 2010 about Adobe Photoshop
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1 answer 160 views
When I want to play a MIDI file on the web an error status appears on the VSC.
asked Apr 6, 2010
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1 answer 172 views
how do i make it actually give me money on runescape instead of it disappearing when i bank?
asked Mar 21, 2010 about Cheat Engine
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1 answer 694 views
I am looking for a driver Sony ICD-P620 that is compatible with Windows 7. Can you help me?
asked Feb 19, 2010 about Digital Voice Editor
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4 answers 183 views
How to convert a Word document to PDF?
asked Nov 30, 2009 about Microsoft Office Word
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1 answer 299 views
I want to download Voice Editing Premium edition. Can you help?
asked Nov 25, 2009 about Voice Editing
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1 answer 654 views
I'd like to know what is this Microsoft Office Word MUI (English) 2007? Is this a free version of Microsoft Word 2007?
asked May 2, 2008 by tinejoie (120 points) about Microsoft Office Word