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Windows is unable to open and read SBU files. Can I open these files in a text editor or something familiar?
asked Dec 8, 2012
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I have some footage that was provided to me that has the extension .raw.mpeg. I would like to edit this footage on my Mac. I have a PC as well that I can use.
asked Dec 4, 2012
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I want to edit BCD in Windows 7 and I need a BCD editor.
asked Oct 31, 2012
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Is there a music clean-up program I can download to my PS3 to label titles and artists? My sister gave me a ton of music, however, each title/artist is a capital four letter title.
asked Oct 24, 2012
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This software used to be free. Why did it change?
asked Oct 8, 2012 by Mohammad Ali 1 (120 points) about ArcSoft Perfect365
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How to open AutoHotkey? Whenever I click on the program, it says "AUTOHOTKEY.AHK: An older instance of this script is already running. Replace it with this instance?
asked Sep 18, 2012 by Guest #99223226 (120 points)
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I am picking paint colors for my Mustang and would like to have a digital way of evaluating the end result before I choose a color. Does anyone have a program I could download or view it online?
asked Aug 18, 2012
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Is it possible to publish a product manual with text, images, tables, links and video using the ShiVa authoring tool?
asked Jul 11, 2012 by Bhuvana (120 points) about ShiVa Authoring Tool
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I'm a big fan of fantasy-style games like Skyrim, but: I can't afford Skyrim I really want to figure out how Bethesda coded the Character Creator.
asked Jun 29, 2012
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Which software should I use for designing calendars, invitation cards and editing photos?
asked Apr 18, 2012
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I need a sound editing application. Not a professional one, but the one that will let me add markings and notes to my sound recordings. I record my voice practices and lectures to review them.
asked Apr 5, 2012 by kuoyuting (200 points)
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I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop 3 and I would like to upgrade. Is Picasa Photo Organizer better than this?
asked Mar 29, 2012
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I have a QUICKTIME movie that was shot in low light and I'm looking for software that will remove the artifacts due to the low lighting. Is there such software?
asked Mar 25, 2012
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PDF document opened in Foxit Reader can't be modified by other PDF tools because it is locked by Foxit Reader. How can I use this feature? What is required to setup?
asked Sep 14, 2011 by O.K. (120 points) about Foxit Reader
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I have a ICD-P630 and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I've downloaded the voice editor program, but I can't see my recorded files. Why is this happening?
asked Apr 17, 2011 about Sony Digital Voice Editor
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Why does MS Word stop working?
asked Mar 31, 2011 about Microsoft Office Word
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I downloaded the program and I activated it. However, it would not let me register the account and when my computer shuts down unexpectedly, the program is removed from my hard drive.
asked Mar 21, 2011 by Bridgette Dukarm (120 points) about Photo Framer