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Latest questions about "ebook"

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My children spend too much of their time on Facebook or other sites like that. Is there any way to block them all?
asked Jun 4, 2016 by rubyshine029 (140 points) about Facebook Desktop
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I can't read a book with my Kobo Aura. I bought a book with my computer and I have transferred it to my Kobo.
asked Mar 6, 2015 about Adobe Digital Editions
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I have tried, on numerous occasions, to download files, mainly new versions of Calibre, without any success.
asked Feb 24, 2015 about calibre
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I have Mobi File ebook and I want to secure it so that, it won't be copied after reading. I use my Mobi Creator and it converts the text to an error.
asked May 27, 2014 by arous2 (140 points)
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I use Mobipocket Creator to secure my Mobipocket eBook, but when I'm trying to view my eBook, it converts all the text to rubbish and doesn't display the images except the cover photo.
asked May 26, 2014 by arous2 (140 points) about Mobipocket Creator
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Is there a software that can change a picture ebook to an animated book?
asked Apr 6, 2014
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How did you do that? I couldn't figure it out.
asked Mar 20, 2014
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Why was this app removed from Google Play Store?
asked Jan 2, 2014 by karleen (120 points)
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Can I download 1000+ Free eBooks Reader on my Surface RT?
asked Dec 26, 2013
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How do I know that the ebook story won't be the same as another one in case someone else uses the same system?
asked Dec 11, 2013
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I have been installing Adobe Reader many times but it does not run on my computer and it still says it's installed.
asked Dec 8, 2013 by Guest #29393489 (120 points) about Adobe Reader
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I had this app on my Samsung S4 and now I am trying to download it on my Samsung Note 3 but I can't find the app. How can I download this app?
asked Nov 13, 2013
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I receive a "Permission denied" error message when I'm trying to delete an eBook. Can you help?
asked Oct 30, 2013 about Kindlean
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I have ebooks in EPC format which I have downloaded to my tablet. I would like to be able to convert them to an ePUB file. Is there software that allows me to do this?
asked Jul 18, 2013
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How to convert ebook file *mvb to *.jpg?
asked Jun 28, 2013
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I bought a Gobii for my child, but e-books on Amazon are the cheapest. Will I be able to load Amazon e-books on the Gobii?
asked Dec 8, 2012
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Hello to you all! I have a file which extension is .prc inside a .zip archive. I couldn't open it with Winrar or another Zip opening program.
asked Sep 20, 2012
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I bought a book and it downloaded as a PDF file so it's in my Adobe Reader now. How do I get it to Adobe Digital Editions?
asked Sep 6, 2012 by JosephineTyrrell (120 points) about Adobe Reader