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How can I get the Mastercard File Express with version 7.1? Can you provide a download link?
asked Mar 26, 2018 by Zin Zin Yu about MasterCard File Express
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I would like to have a download link. I confirmed my demand by clicking in the link. Thank you for your response.
asked Mar 14, 2018 by ABDU about winTMCA32 scintiSPEC
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I have tried four times to download Comprise ADR and each time, I do not receive any email or anything to download.
asked Dec 6, 2017 about Comprise
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I have tried the link to download the virtual tour of the Forbidden City but it doesn't seem to exist.
asked Jun 14, 2017 about Virtual Forbidden City
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Is the VAPORADS model still available for download? The link is missing and where can I find the route?
asked Dec 4, 2016 by 9097 about VAPORADS MODEL
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I cannot download the KB2GO software from the given link. Can you please check and correct the link?
asked Nov 10, 2016 about KB2Go
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The nRFTool's download link has been removed, so I cannot download this software. Can you fix the download link:
asked Dec 23, 2015 by zhangdong (120 points) about NRFTool
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How long will it need until I get the download-link for the Quilt wizard software after confirming?
asked Sep 12, 2015 about Quilt Design Wizard
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Is UC Browser available for PC (Windows)? If yes, can you give a download link?
asked Jan 1, 2015 by Beginner. (3.8k points) about UC Browser
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Please where can I download Media Tools Professional Unlimited? I bought it some years ago and my PC crashed and I lost it.
asked Sep 21, 2014 about Media Tools Professional Unlimited
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Five years ago, I bought this soft but I lost the software disk. Can you give me a download link?
asked Jun 23, 2014 about Chinese New Star
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Is Mizerka game still available to download from Software Informer?
asked Jun 15, 2014 about Mizerka
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Is there a free download link for this application?
asked Jun 11, 2014 about Nero MediaHome
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Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_1283&DEV_8211&SUBSYS_81381043&REV_11. Below are the details of the device that needs to be updated: Make: ITE Tech, Inc.
asked Jun 4, 2014 about Windows Driver Package - ITE Tech.Inc. (itecir) HIDClass
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Where can I find a download link for this tool?
asked Mar 26, 2014 about Kannada Indic IME
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How can I download ODIN DIET?
asked Mar 15, 2014 about ODIN DIET
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How can I download Afrikaanse Speltoetse en Woordbreker?
asked Feb 24, 2014 about Afrikaanse Speltoetser en Woordafbreker
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We use this program at school, but the official download link doesn't work. I've already sent an email, but they didn't reply. So now I'm searching another way to download this program.
asked Feb 19, 2014 about BOB 50
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I just did a Google search on a name of the app which I developed. Surprisingly, I noticed that it's been posted on this website with the creator name "unknown" with no download link.
asked Mar 12, 2013 by James Smith (150 points)
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The program's download link on has not been found.
asked Feb 10, 2013 about Software Informer