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Dear Sir/Madam, I have "The Macmillan English Dictionary for advanced learners of American English",2006, version 1.1, ISBN 0333 96671 6, which was fully working on Windows XP.
asked Feb 5, 2013 about Macmillan English Dictionary
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What do I have to do in order to upgrade my QuickVerse to the latest version? I gave up on QuickVerse several years ago.
asked Dec 6, 2012 by Michael Parent (120 points) about QuickVerse
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My Cambridge Klett-Compact Dictionary doesn't work in Windows 7 64bit. The problem should be something related to Illuminator Packets.
asked Nov 26, 2012
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About two years ago, I bought the Macmillan English Dictionary (ISBN 3-19-002879-6) together with the CD-ROM Vers. 1.4, Impression 6 (ISBN 0 333 99143 5).
asked Oct 7, 2012 by Jakob (120 points) about Macmillan English Dictionary
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I have got SA dictionary 2004 installed on my laptop with Windows7 operation system, but EXAM application is not working.
asked Sep 10, 2012 by Galina 1 (120 points) about SA Dictionary
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I want to download Khmer French dictionary for Android. How can I get it?
asked Aug 23, 2012 by manoo (120 points) about Find Definitions for English Words
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I need a dictionary which is able to translate from Swedish to English.
asked Aug 4, 2012
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I am looking for a dictionary software which is Windows 7 compatible. Do you know such software? I would like that software is available for purchasing.
asked Jul 2, 2012 by Reza Markazi (120 points)
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I need a language translator that can work without Internet connection for Mac.
asked Jun 7, 2012
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When I type a word in my dictionary, it says it can't be found. It doesn't function anymore, it has lost all options except for Wikipedia. I don't know what to do.
asked Oct 13, 2011
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How can I remove WhiteSmoke from my PC? It gives some error messages.
asked Dec 12, 2010 about WhiteSmoke
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How can I purchase Microsoft Encarta World English Dictionary?
asked Nov 1, 2010 about Microsoft Encarta World English Dictionary
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Is there an update for this Dictionary for Mac?
asked Jun 9, 2010 by Warren 2 (120 points)
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1 answer 448 views
Is there a way to download this application? I really need it.
asked Oct 22, 2009 by dewa 1 (120 points) about Mindsutra e-Dictionary
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1 answer 121 views
How can I download Golden Al-Wafi software?
asked Jan 12, 2009 about Golden Al-Wafi
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Is there a Hindi to English dictionary (software) by Oxford?
asked Jan 12, 2009 about Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 7th edition
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I bought English Myanmar Dictionary second edition from Yangon. I installed the Myanmar font according to the instructions, but I don't see Myanmar.
asked Jan 5, 2009 about English Myanmar Dictionary
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Does this version have the updated dictionary?
asked Sep 18, 2008 about SCRABBLE
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I installed Special Dictionary ALYOSR in my computer but the translated language is not Arabic. How can I adjust?
asked Jul 19, 2008 by ansari (120 points) about Special Dictionary ALYOSR