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Latest questions about "development"

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sir, I am download your cara proffetional from internet for run programme it need activation code what can i do?
asked Oct 8, 2009 about Cara
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From where can I download Magic - Desktop Development? I can't find it anywhere.
asked Aug 29, 2009 by Nick 9 (120 points)
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Why cant I organize favourites with ExP8?
asked Aug 28, 2009 about Internet Explorer
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1 answer 114 views
I can't update Java due to "Error 25099 Unzipping Core Files Failed" message. I have tried many different ways and I have failed.
asked Aug 14, 2009 about J2SE Runtime Environment Update
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1 answer 120 views
Can I download a song from YouTube with MySQL Connector/ODBC? How?
asked Mar 10, 2009 about MySQL Connector/ODBC
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How do I get Python to work from a CD?
asked Feb 10, 2009 by Hancock (120 points) about Python
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Sirs, I have today successfully downloaded about 150MB of 2008 Express Edition which keeps falling over at the 'Install' stage.
asked Jan 30, 2009 by Jon Schurmann (120 points) about Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition
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I just download Python 2.52 to my PC. It is safe to uninstall previous versions as 2.2 or 2.2.1?
asked Jan 5, 2009 about Python
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I this software compatible with my Canon PowerShot G10?
asked Dec 26, 2008 about Canon RAW Image Task for ZoomBrowser EX
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I have some Run-Time errors. When I receive this error, I'm asked if I want to debug. When the debugger opens, there is not JavaScript Editor installed.
asked Nov 28, 2008 by Donna Hise (120 points) about J2SE Runtime Environment Update
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1 answer 122 views
I installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 completely. When I create a new website I can't get the design. I get only the code. The design tab is not working.
asked Nov 18, 2008 by sujith 2 (120 points) about Windows Live Messenger
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1 answer 135 views
How can I program GRIP Close and pickup element in MRL language on LABRVM1 work cell? I work with COSIMIR Educational version
asked Oct 21, 2008 by zelmel (120 points) about COSIMIR Educational
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1 answer 93 views
We all know that NUnit works with class files, but does it also work with the code behind the file? Do any of the latest versions of NUnit support that?
asked Oct 10, 2008 by deepa 1 (110 points) about NUnit
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1 answer 86 views
I have a standardized report that I have created but have a conflict with several users trying to run the same queries and report.
asked Oct 2, 2008 by Kathy 2 (120 points) about Paradox
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I'm using J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 and I currently have 4 updates on my PC: 3, 6, 10 and 11. Can I remove the first three without affecting the program function?
asked Sep 27, 2008 by John Tardella (160 points) about J2SE Runtime Environment Update
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I am a programmer in Visual Basic 6.0 and I am using MySQL database. In our office, I am using MySQL ODBC connector 3.5 as DSN connector via LAN networking.
asked Sep 15, 2008 by monnix (120 points) about MySQL Connector/ODBC
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Is it possible to access the database over the Internet using mySQL Database Connector 3.5? If possible how to connect it?
asked Sep 15, 2008 by Masood 4 (120 points) about MySQL Connector/ODBC
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because it comes up in everythink
asked Sep 12, 2008 about Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugger
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Where can I get .Net Framework for Graboid Setup.exe?
asked Sep 10, 2008 by kerrie (130 points) about Microsoft .NET Framework