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I am a programmer in Visual Basic 6.0 and I am using MySQL database. In our office, I am using MySQL ODBC connector 3.5 as DSN connector via LAN networking.
asked Sep 15, 2008 by monnix (120 points) about MySQL Connector/ODBC
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Is it possible to access the database over the Internet using mySQL Database Connector 3.5? If possible how to connect it?
asked Sep 15, 2008 by Masood 4 (120 points) about MySQL Connector/ODBC
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because it comes up in everythink
asked Sep 12, 2008 about Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugger
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Where can I get .Net Framework for Graboid Setup.exe?
asked Sep 10, 2008 by kerrie (130 points) about Microsoft .NET Framework
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How can I make a script on WinFIOL to do any job on AXE?
asked Sep 9, 2008 by laith 1 (120 points) about WinFIOL & Tools
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I have source code i need to updatei am using version microsoft visual studio .NET 2003 serivce pack 1 (KB918007).
asked Aug 13, 2008 about Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition
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Can I install NetBeans IDE on a computer with 256MB RAM memory?
asked Jul 27, 2008 about NetBeans IDE
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I have purchase (5) Digital Persona U4000 B fingerprint scanner here in the philippines. My problem is when i downloaded the SDK for digitalpersona U400B one touch.
asked Jul 8, 2008 by Willie Abuan (130 points) about Fingerprint SDK
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Where can I find updates for this application?
asked Jul 6, 2008 about Boot Camp
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The Windows Workflow Foundation Web Workflow Approvals Starter Kit is for C#.Net. Where can I find a version for VB.Net?
asked Jul 5, 2008 by hazim (120 points) about Web Workflow Approvals Starter Kit
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How do I rotate the ISAPI log file? The Windows Registry values are like bellow: log_file=d:tomcatlogsisapi.log log_level=debig
asked Jun 7, 2008 by Vashkar (120 points) about Jakarta Isapi Redirector
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Does molebox pro work to package x64 exes and dlls the same way it does with win32 exes and dlls? And if not does anyone know of know of a comparable product for x64 packaging?
asked May 19, 2008 by LeRetha (120 points) about MoleBox Pro
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What is the use of Python program?
asked Mar 10, 2008 by Brigitte Blouin (140 points) about Python
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What is the use of Python program?
asked Mar 10, 2008 by Brigitte Blouin (140 points) about Python