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If I will install Alienware Skin Pack, how will I get the default Windows theme back?
asked Mar 15, 2014 about Alienware Skin Pack
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Is it possible to limit the fullscreen while using the Maxmax program? It mentions the possibility of it, but does not appear to work.
asked Mar 7, 2014 about MaxMax
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What is Windows recording software ?
asked Feb 25, 2014
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How do I uninstall ExpoThemes Manager?
asked Feb 16, 2014 about ExpoThemes Manager
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I have had Restore Desktop on my computer for years and just got a new computer. How do I move it over to my new PC? My user id is 95905712-22654-002.
asked Feb 3, 2014 about Restore Desktop
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Is this application compatible with Windows 8?
asked Dec 31, 2013 about Aquatica 3D Screensaver
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I downloaded a live wallpaper for my computer with Windows 8 and I don't know how to set it as my wallpaper. Can you help me?
asked Dec 23, 2013 about Aquarium - At The Depth
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Can I connect one laptop having Internet to my desktop?
asked Dec 20, 2013 by Guest #29550568 (120 points)
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I want to install Yahoo Widget with desktop calendar, analog clock, and temperature. What should I do?
asked Dec 20, 2013 about Yahoo! Widgets
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I have a problem. I've installed it but I don't know how to start it.
asked Dec 15, 2013 about RealPopup
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1 answer 186 views
We have the 2.0.17 version. It takes a long time to open it and go to next page. What can we do to fix it?
asked Dec 12, 2013 about TimeClockWindow
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1 answer 70 views
I am on Paltalk. Can other people see the icons if they do not have this program?
asked Dec 12, 2013 about IconView Pro
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1 answer 143 views
I'm trying to open my RTO Store Ops but it keeps giving me the "root element is missing" error message. How do I fix it ?
asked Dec 8, 2013 about RTO Virtual Profiles
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I recently upgraded to BT Infinity 5. Now the MG5400 will not respond to my desktop running on Windows XP. My laptop on Windows 8 and my iPad print fine using the new wireless connection.
asked Dec 7, 2013
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How can I download WIAI SIGer?
asked Nov 21, 2013 about Say the Time
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1 answer 293 views
Every time I try to download the screensaver, the "Zip" software starts to download and it screws up my computer! I just want to download the screensaver.
asked Oct 24, 2013 about 3D Christmas Cottage Animated Wallpaper
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I payed for the program and I had to reinstall my Windows operating system & lost the download, so I am asking you for the download again.
asked Oct 16, 2013 about Say the Time
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After installation of the Android Skin pack, I couldn't open my desktop anymore. Please, how do I remove this software?
asked Oct 5, 2013 about Android Skin Pack
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How does this change the font licensing?
asked Sep 17, 2013 about FontForge
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I downloaded the Aquarium screensaver, but it doesn't turn on. What can I do?
asked Sep 10, 2013 about Crawler 3D Aquarium Screensaver