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Latest questions about "databases and tools"

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I'm upgrading my servers from Windows Server 2003 to 2008. I want to know if Datacomp is compatible.
asked Feb 20, 2014 about Datacomp Server 2008
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How do I purchase QuikSigma Professional?
asked Feb 13, 2014 about QuikSigma Professional
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If I buy Crystal Reports and than I will create some reports will my clients be able to use (for ex.
asked Feb 13, 2014 about Crystal Reports
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I purchased MyDatabase product a few years ago from I believe Avanquest Software. I have never been able to register the product and I have to bypass the registration banner on each use.
asked Feb 11, 2014 about DataBase Pro
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MYSQL 5.1 does not upload the file to the Server.
asked Feb 6, 2014
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I have recently upgraded my computer and now I'm using Windows 7 with Office 365. My version of Total Assistant Pro doesn't seem to be compatible with the new system.
asked Feb 5, 2014 about Total Assistant Pro
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Can I use Microsoft SQL on a mobile? Which mobile device is required to run the utility?
asked Feb 3, 2014 about Microsoft SQL Server
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My Windows 8 Toshiba laptop can't run OpenCode software. I can't find out the reason why.
asked Jan 21, 2014 about OpenCode
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What is the login name and password to open eTimeTrackLite?
asked Jan 20, 2014 about eTimeTrackLite
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Where can I purchase Superbase?
asked Dec 12, 2013 about Superbase Classic
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I have an older version of Tarasoft Titan which is still working with the Columbus Ohio MLS system (tempo). The new version of Tarasoft is not compatible with our MLS.
asked Nov 27, 2013 about Tarasoft Titan
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I write to know how do I maintain Cybera database after it has been corrupted? I was using it on Saturday and from nowhere it just broke out, I was trying to perform maintainance but it failed.
asked Nov 25, 2013
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Is it a web-based application? Or does it need an Internet connection to be operated? If it doesn't fall under any of the above two question, how should I get a license key for this application?
asked Nov 21, 2013 by Guest #27357034 (120 points) about Savings Plus
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I'm using Visual Basic 6 and True DB Grid 6.0 on Window Vista. My question is: Dose it work (development and executable) on Windows 8?
asked Nov 16, 2013 about APEX True DBGrid Pro
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When entering data in QB Timer, you must enter a quantity of less than "24" in the duration field. We enter various expenses, etc. that require entering more than 24.
asked Nov 7, 2013
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Can I download MarcEdit on iMac?
asked Nov 6, 2013
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I want to instal SQL Plus on my computer. Can you help?
asked Nov 6, 2013 by Guest #28833005 (120 points)
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Will Personal Home Inventory work on Windows 7?
asked Nov 5, 2013 about Personal Home Inventory