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Latest questions about "conversion"

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How to convert a PageMaker file to the Word format?
asked Sep 24, 2013
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1 answer 161 views
How can I transform a .djvu file into .jpg?
asked Sep 21, 2013 by Guest #28321442 (120 points)
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1 answer 300 views
I need to convert only one .ai file to .cdr. Is it possible to convert this online in place of installing the software?
asked Aug 1, 2013
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1 answer 293 views
How to convert a Powerpoint file to DOC?
asked Jul 21, 2013 about Microsoft Office PowerPoint
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How do I change MP4 to MP3G karaoke?
asked Jul 13, 2013 by Guest #27763458 (120 points)
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3 answers 2.4k views
I need help to convert my Autocad drawing to the CSV format. After that I need to upload that CSV drawing to 3D Warehouse software.
asked Jul 10, 2013
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1 answer 393 views
How to convert ebook file *mvb to *.jpg?
asked Jun 28, 2013
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3 answers 16.9k views
How can I convert JPG to CDR?
asked Jun 26, 2013
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1 answer 254 views
I want to know if this software converts the entire DVD to AVI in one single file. Thanks for your answer, best regards!
asked Jun 23, 2013 about Aimersoft DVD to AVI Converter
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1 answer 452 views
I'm using Publisher 4.5. How can I convert a .dtp document to .pdf?
asked Jun 17, 2013 by Dixie V. Leis (120 points) about Microsoft Publisher
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1 answer 1.2k views
How do I convert VAF files to MP3?
asked Jun 13, 2013
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1 answer 245 views
So, the Caricature Studio software will take regular photos and convert them into caricatures? Is any other software needed ?
asked May 29, 2013 about Caricature Studio
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1 answer 214 views
Which of your software products can do this?
asked May 23, 2013
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1 answer 205 views
I need to convert some AMR files from my Android phone to .txt files that I can print. How do I do this?
asked May 15, 2013
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2 answers 636 views
Can I convert MIDI music to MP3 successfully, because I've purchased an application and it doesn't convert.
asked May 10, 2013
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2 answers 16.2k views
How to convert any other video into the format that can be played on Nokia 206?
asked May 3, 2013
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1 answer 263 views
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Is conversion between Adobe After Effects CS6 to CS5 or CS5.5 possible?
asked Apr 18, 2013 about Adobe After Effects
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1 answer 526 views
I have a large PDF document with around 5000 pages. How do I convert it to CHM format?
asked Apr 14, 2013 by garry kooper (120 points)
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4 answers 432 views
In today's time, every client is demanding for the best and perfect representation of database and these features are available in Excel sheets and my database is in Access format.
asked Apr 13, 2013 by mariya 1 (120 points)