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Latest questions about "connection issues"

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I'm attempting to get connection to the TAB though BetStream but the connection function of BetStream doesn't seem to work. I use the BSCMD and I get an error but no code is displayed.
asked Mar 12, 2011 by Jim Franklin (120 points) about TAB BetStream
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The start-up process is very slow and in the middle, the speed automatically changes into EDGE signal even if the settings are on manual. What to do?
asked Feb 28, 2011 about BSNL 3G
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I'm using SmartDraw 2010 software. If I click the engineering diagrams they are not loaded (it shows an "Unable to download" error). I need to work every time with an Internet connection.
asked Jan 28, 2011 by Vicky 5 (140 points) about SmartDraw
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I have Nokia 3110 device and I have some problems. When I connect the phone to my PC through the data cable and I select Nokia mode, I receive the following message: Ovi Suite/PC Suite does not...
asked Jan 23, 2011 by umesh 3 (120 points) about Nokia Suite
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I'm running Windows Vista 32bit, on my HP 6375s and I have just purchased a Toshiba Bluetooth dongle bt1.2/2.0/2.1 to set up my iPhone 4.
asked Jan 7, 2011 by Wal (120 points) about Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA
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My Testo 174 device and my PC broke. With the new cable, the light on the base of the instrument only blinks when the USB is connected and then it remains off.
asked Dec 20, 2010 about Comfort Software Basic
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When I am trying to connect it shows not responding and is not getting connected.
asked Nov 3, 2010 about SmartVoip
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I'm not able to connect my SuperDVR on my iPhone. Can you help?
asked Oct 30, 2010 about SuperDVR
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The application is not connecting to servers and the connection is slow. What should be done in this case?
asked Sep 26, 2010 about OpalMax
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1 answer 74 views
I receive an "Authorization denied" message. The AT&T Worldnet Accelerator stops after few seconds. It started after I changed from WorldNet to ATT.
asked Mar 15, 2010 about AT&T Worldnet Accelerator
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1 answer 120 views
I can't connect to the server. I can't make calls. What is the problem?
asked Jan 5, 2010 about Dial2Day
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1 answer 93 views
The software is not loading automatically when I plug in the device to my Windows XP PC. Can you help?
asked Dec 23, 2009 about magicJack
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3 answers 242 views
The 3Connect utility disconnects again and again. Will the connection be improved if I update 3Connect?
asked Nov 25, 2009 by THOMAS ONEILL (110 points) about 3Connect
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1 answer 177 views
I'm getting a message that my Juniper Terminal Service client is not working when I try to remote access my work computer.
asked Nov 23, 2009 about Juniper Terminal Services Client
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My device connects and disconnects. What can I do?
asked Nov 3, 2009 by rasheed 3 (120 points) about UFS-19
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When putting on the embroidery machine I get an error saying that the machine is not on or connected, but it is. What is wrong?
asked Mar 16, 2009 about FUTURA CE-250 Software
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2 answers 141 views
I installed Ragnarok Offline 3 2nd Rev properly on my computer, but when I try to enter my username and password, I get a "Failed To Connect Server" message.
asked Jan 7, 2009 by Nico 1 (120 points) about Ragnarok Offline 3™ 2nd Rev
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3 answers 165 views
I installed FileZilla Client about a month ago and I'm not yet able to make it connect.
asked Nov 15, 2008 about FileZilla Client
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I am having a problem with Telstra Turbo Express Manager. The connection history is not logging my time online as per the help information.
asked Oct 14, 2008 by Geoff Gentil (130 points) about Telstra Turbo Express Manager
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I got this Ares Edition form a purchase of a satellite TV for PC and it won't connect after I re-installed it on my computer. Why is this happening?
asked Sep 22, 2008 about Ares Master Edition