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Latest questions about "communications"

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Can you use Pamela Skype Recorder on Android? Specifically Samsung MB PH & tablets? Can you send/email recordings to others? Does it record just audio calls?
asked Jan 14, 2016 by Jude about Pamela for Skype Professional
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1 answer 134 views
Why does it reply "Failed to load function! KERNEL.32.dll GetLogicalProcessorInformation"?
asked Jan 11, 2016 by Guest #19274515 (120 points) about Skype
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How do I get Rebtel app for my Amazon Fire phone?
asked Jan 11, 2016 by jackie marie about Rebtel
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When I try to start QQ Intl, it fails and gives me the following error message: "We're sorry but an unknown error has caused QQ Intl to close.
asked Jan 5, 2016 about QQ International
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Since Microsoft basically announced the end of Windows Live Mail for Windows 10, it has been acting "funny" on my Windows 7 machine.
asked Dec 31, 2015 by Headscratcher about Windows Live Mail
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It doesn't work on domain?
asked Dec 29, 2015 about Extract Any Mail
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As of about 2 months ago Windows Live Mail closes when I try to copy and paste from an opened email to an email I am writing.
asked Dec 20, 2015 about Windows Live Mail
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How to install Viber on desktop?
asked Dec 15, 2015 by Guest #40454052 (120 points) about Viber
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Is there a Xfinity Connect for Outlook 2013 app?
asked Dec 15, 2015 by Lefty about XFINITY Connect for Outlook
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I would like to use this product, and have been told it is now available on PC and Windows 10. I cannot find out how to register an account with you.
asked Dec 14, 2015 by Steve18 about LINE
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Can I delete this application?
asked Dec 14, 2015 by W Kay Leeds (140 points)
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What is HP Scan 3 for?
asked Dec 14, 2015 by W Kay Leeds (140 points)
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How can we install Viber in Windows 8 so that it may work? I have installed, but when I enter the mobile number it then stars browsing on Internet Explorer.
asked Dec 10, 2015 by Guest #40003420 (120 points) about Viber
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Is Neo Sync app and driver compatible with Windows 10?
asked Dec 8, 2015 about iGolf Neo Sync
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What is the install code for InfoSearch?
asked Dec 6, 2015 about InfoSearch
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Hi, I have used Gravity for a while now, if I upgrade to Windows 10 will it still work?
asked Nov 30, 2015 about MicroPlanet Gravity
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I forgot my memory card's password in Nokia 5130 mobile. After changing software it is asking password for my memory card. Is there any software to delete password for memory card?
asked Nov 30, 2015 by RAJA A (120 points) about Nokia Software Updater
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I have installed the latest version of VoipConnect and when I choose from the view menu to show my Outlook contacts the following error appears: Unable to display your Outlook contacts.
asked Nov 28, 2015 about VoipConnect
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Will I still be able to access my old emails from an older version of Postbox Express if I download Postbox Express 1.0?
asked Nov 28, 2015 about Postbox Express
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I recently had a server crash which contained both files and Exchange email data.
asked Nov 18, 2015 by evan_banks3 (120 points) about Microsoft Office Outlook