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Latest questions about "code"

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Hi, I am using Mobile Partner version 21. In this version I can't the find USSD option. How can I check my data balance?
asked Jan 22, 2013
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We purchased EXCUS CD and we want to install it on the office computer but it's saying to plug the unlock. Please help me to solve this problem.
asked Jan 18, 2013 by Guest #26139370 (120 points)
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How can I get a student verification code for Microsoft Office if I am not a student?
asked Jan 9, 2013
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I registered and everything but where do I get the code?
asked Dec 8, 2012 by CrazieDude2 (120 points)
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I forgot my input phone lock code for my Alcatel OT255x. What should I do?
asked Dec 5, 2012
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How do I get my CCNA authorization code?
asked Dec 4, 2012
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Why can't I validate my WinSweeper license?
asked Mar 13, 2012
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It installed with Visual Studio 2010 and said that it provided tamper resistant stuff. Nothing seems any different. What does it do?
asked Nov 14, 2009 by Caleb Stein (210 points) about Dotfuscator