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Latest questions about "chat and instant messaging"

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I'm registering my PC to KakaoTalk and it is asking me to enter a code within 30 minutes. I don't know where to get it.
asked May 19, 2015 about KakaoTalk
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I recently deleted my Snapchat account because of the fact that I wanted a new username.
asked May 19, 2015 about Snapchat
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How can I delete or block contacts on IMO?
asked May 10, 2015 by sali about imo
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1 answer 176 views
How do I make a new ID on WhatsApp?
asked May 10, 2015 by Uzi Khan (120 points) about Whatsapple - Whatsapp for PC
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I have my username and password for my WeChat account, but the problem is that WeChat is blocked in many countries and we need to use VPN and anti-filtering apps.
asked May 9, 2015 by shadi about WeChat
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What is the meaning of status "was online a week ago " - 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months, 2-3 years? What is the next level after week? I want to figure out a little bit precisely when my friend was online.
asked Apr 28, 2015 by Ra about Badoo - Meet New People
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One of my friends told me Team Snapchat is publishing all Snapchats on the Internet. I don't think this will happen, but I have some doubts.
asked Apr 28, 2015 about Snapchat
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I've created an account some time ago. Recently, I've looked at the settings and found that the email is wrong. When I tried to change it, it said that the email is not associated with the account.
asked Apr 25, 2015 by Red about Snapchat
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1 answer 255 views
I posted a photo on my history and sent it to some friends, but I forgot to save it and now it's gone. Is there any chance I could restore this photo?
asked Apr 21, 2015 about Snapchat
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Every time I send a message the window closes. How to fix the app on Windows?
asked Apr 19, 2015 about QQ International
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Is it possible to check who visits you account in Viber? Can you see the visitor?
asked Apr 17, 2015 by Baha about Viber Messenger
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1 answer 503 views
Received a Viber message Sunday morning. Monday evening replied, was not delivered. The online status said Sunday morning time message was sent to me.
asked Apr 17, 2015 by kouk1a (120 points) about Viber Messenger
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1 answer 272 views
I have random numbers in my phone that I haven't deleted. Now they are showing as a contact name with a picture. How can this be, I have not added them to my phone account or Viber account?
asked Apr 12, 2015 by Alex about Viber Messenger
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1 answer 432 views
I have deleted someone from my contacts on my phone, but he still shows up in my Viber, both phone and my desktop. How can I delete the info I have about that person from my Viber?
asked Apr 7, 2015
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I really need to print all the chats me and wife are doing every day & we also share pics of cats, our kids, family. Is there any easy way to print them or email them to me?
asked Apr 5, 2015
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1 answer 188 views
I downloaded Line to my Mac Airbook, and if I understand you there is no way to activate this app except on a mobile phone. I can use anybody's mobile phone to do this?
asked Apr 3, 2015
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I just delete my Snapchat account & I want to use the same username as before. Is it possible?
asked Apr 3, 2015 by Jaime about Snapchat
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1 answer 136 views
Is the application free to download?
asked Mar 30, 2015 about Chat Translator for Skype
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1 answer 251 views
I used to be able to see one of my friend's best friend list when you tapped on them. How do I do it now? All it shows is their total count.
asked Mar 27, 2015 about Snapchat
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1 answer 52 views
I can't open Talkit application on Windows 7. Can you help?
asked Mar 27, 2015 by tarek