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Latest questions about "cd burners"

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Where can I buy a program that rips my music CD, and DVDs to MP3?
asked Oct 28, 2013 by andy langston (120 points) about Sonic RecordNow!
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1 answer 207 views
What should I do to protect discs with a password?
asked Oct 17, 2013
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1 answer 214 views
Would this software copy track titles to the CD that's being burned?
asked Oct 16, 2013 about Free Burn MP3-CD
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1 answer 297 views
Can I create a CD with FLAC files?
asked Sep 26, 2013 about TOSHIBA Disc Creator
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1 answer 184 views
Is the RecordNow! program available on CD?
asked Sep 25, 2013 about Sonic RecordNow!
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1 answer 137 views
Will PowerProducer Gold 3 work in Windows 8?
asked Aug 27, 2013 by fleetchancey (120 points) about PowerProducer
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1 answer 140 views
Does this program read .gi files created with Primera software?
asked Jul 10, 2013 about RecordNow!
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1 answer 245 views
What is the cookie policy for CDBurnerXP?
asked Jun 6, 2013 about CDBurnerXP
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1 answer 298 views
The Roxio Burn came with my Dell and burns music CDs that won't play in my car. Are there any fixes available for this? (iTunes burns same CDs and they're OK).
asked Apr 11, 2013 about Roxio Burn
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2 answers 139 views
I cannot run Audio CD Maker on the Windows 7 system. It reports that there are problems with ASPI drivers on the system. The installed drivers are GEARAspiWDM.
asked Apr 6, 2013 by Allan Penderis (120 points) about Audio CD Maker
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1 answer 534 views
I am trying to install Sonic RecordNow! on my computer with the newly installed Windows 7, but it's not working. What should I do?
asked Mar 28, 2013 about Sonic RecordNow
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1 answer 334 views
I had a Dell computer with Sonic RecordNow. I saved all my music files to a backup disk.
asked Mar 17, 2013 about Sonic RecordNow!
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1 answer 286 views
How do you burn more than one copy at a time after copying the original CD? Do I have to re-copy the original CD each time?
asked Mar 16, 2013 by Judy 7 (120 points) about Nero Lite
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1 answer 519 views
Is the latest Nerovision Express compatible with Windows 8?
asked Feb 21, 2013 about NeroVision Express
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2 answers 409 views
What is the best DVD creator software out there? I've been using Nero for many years but is there another one that I could check out using Windows 7?
asked Feb 16, 2013 by Willie Maughan (120 points) about Nero
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1 answer 180 views
HISTORY: My NEC Versa 160M with XP Home Greek and Matshita UJ-850D drive, cannot burn CD's any more with Windows.
asked Feb 12, 2013 about RecordNow!
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1 answer 158 views
I want to run WinOnCD PE 5.0 on Windows 7. Can you help?
asked Jan 20, 2013 by Fred Slinn (120 points) about CeQuadrat WinOnCD Power Edition
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1 answer 199 views
Why does it keep saying "Closed disc, cannot burn" when I insert a disc?
asked Jan 12, 2013 by christina 4 (120 points) about Free Easy Burner
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2 answers 189 views
I have Magic DVD Copier - version 4.9.3 which I use on my Windows PC. I am considering purchasing a Mac. Is there a Magic DVD Copier with the same functionality as I have at present for the iMac.
asked Nov 8, 2012 about Magic DVD Copier
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1 answer 671 views
My first time on Nero shows the following message: "Nero - Burning Rom has a known compatibility issue with this version of Windows.
asked Jul 11, 2012 about Nero Burning ROM