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I am using EDraw Max Version 7.7 (release Date July 25, 2014). For engineering drawings I need to change the origin of the grids on the page.
asked Mar 7, 2015 by Erkut Uygun (120 points)
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The cursor disappears only in drawing window. How do I make it visible again?
asked Feb 19, 2015 about DraftSight
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I made an 3D-drawing in 3D-PDF format. Now I want to send it to a customer with a link. How can he use it with Acrobat Reader (rotating move zoom etc.
asked Feb 17, 2015 by Peter about Adobe Acrobat 3D
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How to design a multimeter in Linux?
asked Feb 16, 2015
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I want to buy NetCAD software through the Internet. Can you help me, please?
asked Feb 3, 2015 about NetCAD GIS
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The descriptions were originally saved in WordPad. However, they now show up under Managed Information File Card and I cannot access them. How do I access my files?
asked Feb 1, 2015 by Charles Hamilton about CGSurvey 7
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I have exited out of the 'Project Tree' in Geo Construction 2010 and can't work out how to bring it back up.
asked Jan 21, 2015
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I live in Spain. How can I pay to get DeltaCAD?
asked Jan 16, 2015 by Ron about DeltaCad
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Please describe in detail the steps required to print a drawing. I have an HP Deskjet F380 printer.
asked Jan 15, 2015 by Jimmy Christopher about VectorEngineer Pro-Tools
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Is there any way to export a video file using the Gaphisoft software, for instance if we wanted to record a walk-through of a design?
asked Jan 9, 2015 about GRAPHISOFT BIMx Desktop Viewer
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The download from this site asks for a key and I am unable to find a way to download and pay for a legal version of this software.
asked Jan 9, 2015 about Esperient Creator
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I have 3D Architect that is about 14 years old. Want to update to Architect Deluxe. Will my old files convert to the new Deluxe version?
asked Dec 15, 2014 by Pete about 3D Home Architect Deluxe
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Can we re-sell interior designs created with "Punch! Home Design and Landscape Pro"?
asked Dec 10, 2014 by Udaya about Punch! Home Design and Landscape Pro
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Can free Acrobat Reader open 3D models? What is needed in order to open 3D files and interact with them?
asked Dec 5, 2014 by acgrafix about Adobe Acrobat 3D
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The site lists the software as freeware but it asks for a product key during startup. Can you explain?
asked Dec 5, 2014 about MotoVisual Create
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Is Gear Trax compatible with AutoCAD 2010?
asked Nov 22, 2014 by mushi about GearTrax
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Is TileGem software obsolete?
asked Nov 21, 2014 by Guest #35290965 (120 points) about TileGem
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Is it necessary to define damage parameter of JC for a material? I have given strength parameter values, but I couldn't get hold of damage parameters.
asked Nov 13, 2014 by Ezhil Vendhan (120 points) about ANSYS Workbench
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Is there any way to download DraftWrite 64 without simultaneously downloading other programs (e.g. Yahoo Toolbar) that I don't need or want?
asked Sep 8, 2014 about DraftSight
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My company, HRS Ltd used to sell the Dr products in New Zealand. I closed the company last year. An old client of mine has a question for the developers.
asked Aug 29, 2014 about Dr. Frame