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We have the sensor Linear-Encoder LA-42-K SSI. I am connecting TRWinProg program to the sensor, and the program could not find a suitable configuration file.
asked May 4 by Aleksandr about TRWinProg
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How can I edit trace information on a .msor file? It's "grayed out".
asked May 4 by Bill about Fiber TraceViewer
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Is it possible to use Agile express 9.0 with Windows XP 32 bit?
asked May 4 by cynthia about Agile eXpress
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Recently, with a new default printer, I can no longer make multiple copies of anything I print from PageMaker. One copy and the first page only of multiple pages print.
asked May 3 by Kelly about Adobe PageMaker
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Please advise how can we get the CashCard app software that was suitable to using the Gemalto USB Cash Card reader. Thanks.
asked May 3 by Guest #45088233 (120 points) about CashCard App
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I want to extract the result that is used in the plot, and I can't find a way to export it from DeltaEC to Excel.
asked Apr 26 by Salam Hairab about DeltaEC
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I want to use more than 2 binary output from Matlab component. But every time it is showing Reference to a non-existent 'bit rate'. What is the prob?
asked Apr 26 by SSS about OptiSystem
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I designed a CSPro 5.0 form application as made in previous versions of CSPro forgetting in version 5.0 form application is designed while creating data application and not before.
asked Apr 25 by Romeo about CSPro
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Engine simulator for MacBook Pro.
asked Apr 25 by Jayson about Virtual Engine Room - Free Student Version
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After you have created several style palettes in your measuring tools is there any way to organize them?
asked Apr 21 by Jennifer about PDF-XChange Editor
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I have a report with some details section. When I try to suppress section (section expert/suppress: if <database.
asked Apr 21 by ilya about Crystal Reports
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Is gDocBinder available for a Mac Air?
asked Apr 20 by Steve about gDocBinder
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I purchased kAuction a while back and I wanted to know if I can use it again with eBay and active listings. Will the software make new eBay acutions that won't have to be corrected for active content?
asked Apr 18 by SALLY about kAuction
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I have downloaded latest version. After entering all data in the required fields, finally it shows error and asks to contact S2. Please let us guide for demo version.
asked Apr 16 by Baldev Bhojani about Trade Vinayak
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Will our Amigo POS 7 work with Windows 10?
asked Apr 14 by John Ratti about Amigo POS
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My "Export" and "Export DFX" selection under "File" are grayed out and not working. I did download and I am using v4.2.2A.
asked Apr 13 by WNYBob about XTrkCAD
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I would like to use Windowmaker for my company, but I don't know where to start? Can anyone help me, please?
asked Apr 11 about Windowmaker 2012 R3.4
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I have downloaded zyGrib with success on my Mac, but I tried on Mac Airbook and the installation was unsuccessful. I can't see the map in the background and cannot choose an area to download.
asked Apr 9 by gil gonsette about zyGrib
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I have tried this software, and it doesn't seem to even connect to my bank account. I need a little help here.
asked Apr 9 by Yoko about Bank Account Tracking
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I have been an advocate of Lotus Organizer for many years and I was wondering if anyone knows if it's compatible with IBM Notes or even better with IBM Verse?
asked Apr 9 by Lotus user PC about IBM Lotus Organizer