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Latest questions about "browsers"

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8 answers 224 views
Where can I go to update Firefox? I was notified to update the browser. There was a screen telling me to download Firefox but then it disappeared.
asked Nov 16, 2008 by Debra Jay (150 points) about Firefox
–1 vote
2 answers 125 views
Which version of Safari do I need to run on OS X 10?
asked Oct 28, 2008 by rick neal (140 points) about Safari
–1 vote
3 answers 175 views
I used to surf the Internet simply by clicking on the icon of Mozilla Firefox but today I discovered that it doesn't work. Can you help?
asked Oct 22, 2008 by seddiksalem (110 points) about Firefox
+2 votes
2 answers 82 views
My Fingerprint Quick Launch doesn't work with Internet Explorer 8.0. Can you help?
asked Oct 5, 2008 by Nima 1 (140 points) about Internet Explorer
0 votes
1 answer 111 views
I want to ask you when is Firefox 3 beta5 going to be released? If you have any info, please let me know the website to download from.
asked Sep 16, 2008 about Firefox
+3 votes
4 answers 249 views
After clicking the download button for Adobe Shockwave Player, it downloads version 10.3. What can I do?
asked Sep 15, 2008 by Joel Pattison (150 points) about Adobe Shockwave Player
+2 votes
3 answers 120 views
How can I update my Internet Explorer?
asked Sep 15, 2008 about Internet Explorer
–1 vote
2 answers 187 views
The "Error 0x800040707" is very common on HP laptops. How can I fix it?
asked Aug 19, 2008 by ademokun wilfred (110 points) about Firefox
+4 votes
3 answers 105 views
How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 as I want only Internet Explorer 7?
asked Aug 11, 2008 about Internet Explorer
–3 votes
1 answer 93 views
Why release date (not only of this software, but all the software) are out of date? All have the same dates. Is there a problem with the tracker website?
asked Aug 7, 2008 by Z493 (90 points) about Firefox
–1 vote
1 answer 95 views
Is TDA for analyzing available for downloading?
asked Jul 28, 2008 about Firefox
0 votes
1 answer 132 views
I'm a new Paros user and I don't know how to use it. I downloaded some user guides, but they all belong to earlier versions of Paros.
asked Jul 8, 2008 by yunus (120 points) about Paros
–2 votes
5 answers 310 views
I installed the Fast Dial add-on to my Firefox browser, but it doesn't work. I thought it would appear like that of Opera. How does it work?
asked Jul 5, 2008 by Sam Victor (200 points) about Firefox
0 votes
3 answers 166 views
How to use Free Download Manager?
asked Jun 20, 2008 about Firefox
+3 votes
3 answers 211 views
I downloaded Opera 9.5 and it is not working. There are no search results. Can you help?
asked Jun 12, 2008 by Poul Petersen (150 points) about Opera
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1 answer 115 views
Why is the whole window of the Explorer disappearing suddenly after I'm trying to download an antivirus software? However, I don't have any antivirus software on my PC.
asked Jun 7, 2008 about Internet Explorer
0 votes
2 answers 108 views
My Internet Explorer is not working properly. How do you use it?
asked May 15, 2008 about Internet Explorer
+1 vote
1 answer 142 views
Lots of site functionality doesn't work with Internet Explorer 6. Any ideas how to fix it?
asked May 8, 2008 by Victor 1 (150 points) about Internet Explorer
+1 vote
2 answers 361 views
–1 vote
3 answers 259 views
Where is the download link for Internet Explorer?
asked Mar 15, 2008 by tomaslt8 (110 points) about Internet Explorer