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Latest questions about "browsers"

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Internet Explorer installation is corrupted. Please help as I cannot perform re-installation.
asked Mar 19, 2013 by george 11 (120 points) about Internet Explorer
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2 answers 5.9k views
I don't want Splashtop as my default homepage when I open Internet Explorer. How do I get rid of it and replace with my website's homepage?
asked Mar 15, 2013 about Splashtop
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1 answer 109 views
When will NetGrabber be available for sale?
asked Mar 9, 2013 about netgrabber
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1 answer 152 views
Just got AlienForce recently. Seems to be a nice one. Although Adobe Flash is installed, flash content doesn't even load, showing only a black square or not showing anything at all.
asked Feb 18, 2013 by Ragnar Ironblood (120 points) about Alienforce
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10 answers 19.6k views
I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. When I open Internet Explorer, I find Delta Search. I don't know how it came there. I want to remove the Delta Search from my computer.
asked Feb 12, 2013 about Internet Explorer
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1 answer 2.9k views
I keep getting an error message that Conduit Chrome plug-in is unresponsive. What does this mean? How do I rectify it?
asked Feb 10, 2013 about Google Chrome
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2 answers 616 views
This toolbar is using all my resources and I can't get rid of it.
asked Jan 22, 2013 about Google Chrome
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1 answer 776 views
How to solve error code 101 in Maxthon browser?
asked Jan 22, 2013 about Maxthon Browser
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1 answer 238 views
After my Google Chrome 10 crashed, I restarted it, but all of my favicon were missing and Google Chrome was no longer saving history.
asked Jan 10, 2013 by Марина Петрова (120 points)
+4 votes
2 answers 303 views
I want to turn off Google Chrome automatic updates. Can you help?
asked Dec 13, 2012 by Марина Нечай (950 points) about Google Chrome
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1 answer 154 views
I managed to use a software for a couple of days in China but after very few days, I'm no longer able to use it. It gives a massage which tells me to do some settings that are disabled.
asked Nov 29, 2012 by ernest 2 (120 points) about Web Freer
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2 answers 174 views
How to empty the cache of my browser?
asked Nov 17, 2012 by SI Team (180 points) about Firefox
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1 answer 100 views
How to remove YokSupersearch from Windows 7?
asked Nov 7, 2012
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1 answer 191 views
After starting up and running Firefox I get in the lower right screen an error box: Browser settings changed. An unknown change was detected on your browser search settings buttons.
asked Nov 5, 2012 about Firefox
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1 answer 315 views
I cannot open website.
asked Oct 10, 2012 about Internet Explorer
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1 answer 116 views
I am using Ustream's watershed program and am unable to see my camera feed from through on its LAUNCH EMBED screen for broadcasting.
asked Sep 26, 2012 by Mike Blume (220 points) about Google Chrome
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1 answer 242 views
Why is harder to read words on the screen in Chrome than it was in Internet Explorer with Google as my homepage?
asked Sep 21, 2012 by Jane 5 (130 points) about Google Chrome
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1 answer 191 views
When I click on Favorites in the Toolbar (or in Windows Explorer) all my links are missing. My folders and sub folders are all still there, but the actual links are all gone.
asked Sep 19, 2012 about Internet Explorer
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1 answer 131 views
I received info about security issues. How do I rectify them?
asked Sep 19, 2012 by Delayne Smith (120 points) about Internet Explorer