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Latest questions about "browser"

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Hello, I am having problems with opening multiple pages on my computer. I currently use Megafon modem with Tata DOCOMO Sim card. Is there a problem with my Internet or my browser?
asked Jan 16, 2013 by Guest #25706652 (160 points) about MegaFon Internet
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I changed my email address. How can I delete the old one?
asked Jan 6, 2013 by jen emerson (120 points) about Toolbar
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Whatever download I try from your site I receive an "impossible to download" error.
asked Dec 19, 2012 by aldo 3 (120 points)
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How, or rather what do I have to do to have the window requesting permission for a site to enter my computer discontinued? This appears frequently during each use of my computer browser.
asked Dec 13, 2012
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I managed to use a software for a couple of days in China but after very few days, I'm no longer able to use it. It gives a massage which tells me to do some settings that are disabled.
asked Nov 29, 2012 by ernest 2 (120 points) about Web Freer
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I have Freecorder in Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer crashed and is no longer working, so I made Firefox my default browser and installed Opera.
asked Nov 4, 2012
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I have more than one Google Chrome browser on my PC. How can I remove one?
asked Nov 4, 2012 by cheryl anderson (220 points)
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I tried it once and it gave me another toolbar so now I have two of them.
asked Nov 2, 2012
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I have tried to connect to alert web to update my device but keep getting "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled". Why?
asked Oct 29, 2012
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Can I run CCleaner on an iPad?
asked Oct 26, 2012 by Tommy Mcdaniel (120 points) about CCleaner
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I cannot get the latest version of Adobe Reader in the default browser in 4.1 Jelly Bean. Please help me to find a compatible PDF Reader.
asked Oct 25, 2012
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How do I remove ads by "Download'n'Save" from Facebook timeline?
asked Oct 24, 2012
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I don't know what WiseConvert toolbar is. Is it something I need for my library, or for recording or for e-books? Where did it come from?
asked Oct 20, 2012 about WiseConvert Toolbar
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First, the USB stick worked very well. But then I got the following message in the browser: "TRUE (ROAMING)". What is that and how can I change this?
asked Oct 5, 2012
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I have a browser search engine called Snap Do and I want to remove it. How can I do that?
asked Oct 3, 2012
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How do I remove Mapsgalaxy toolbar?
asked Oct 2, 2012
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1 answer 324 views
Hi! I want to use a browser and a download manager with German language support.
asked Oct 1, 2012 by mjmazinani (120 points)