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Latest questions about "browser"

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I want to read Myanmar in my Samsung Galaxy I9300 Internet browser. How can I do it?
asked Jul 3, 2013
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1 answer 143 views
I have downloaded Browzar and I can browse most of the websites, but it will not play any videos found. Do I need some other software download to complete the required action?
asked Jul 2, 2013
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Can Picasa be used to remove date stamps from photos?
asked Jun 18, 2013 about Picasa
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3 answers 776 views
How can I remove an item from my Firefox browser? I ran the uninstallation but it's still there. I don't like it!
asked Jun 3, 2013 about Firefox
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1 answer 690 views
This messed up my system so much! How on earth can I get rid of it? I deleted the app, I removed the browser plugin. Why does it still pop up whenever I want to download anything?
asked May 29, 2013 by Josh 2 (120 points)
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1 answer 548 views
I am using Coursesites to set up an online course and want to secure the quizzes that are required.
asked May 7, 2013
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1 answer 350 views
Why can't I get map updates for my GPS?
asked Apr 22, 2013 about Garmin Lifetime Updater
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1 answer 277 views
I having problems finding a browser that works on the Kindle Fire that can be used to upload your face to Ea Sports game face creation mode. Can you help?
asked Apr 17, 2013
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I have been told to use this as browser to open the MR.Site e-mails. Not sure if it's a good idea after reading some reviews. Will it put bugs in my system?
asked Apr 10, 2013 about Firefox
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I have LG L7. My Internet browser is crashing and dumping me back to the home screen. I use Dolphin and UC browsers. The result is the same with all browsers.
asked Mar 24, 2013
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1 answer 385 views
This is not the first time it happens to me, I open Facebook and it shows that I'm logged in, but still the Facebook stuff doesn't show up.
asked Mar 20, 2013 by DraWinKicK (120 points)
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1 answer 133 views
I use 10.6. and I would like .wmv files to appear as thumbs in Finder. How can I do this?
asked Mar 5, 2013 by kenny 5 (120 points)
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1 answer 167 views
Creative Element website doesn't work now. Has it gone for good?
asked Feb 21, 2013
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1 answer 481 views
When my computer is turned off, the files which are downloading from IDM are removed. What should I do?
asked Feb 19, 2013 by Adnan Afzal (120 points) about Internet Download Manager
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1 answer 422 views
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3 answers 3.4k views
How to remove Sweetpacks from my computer and browsers? It keeps coming back even though I have uninstalled it.
asked Jan 23, 2013 by ruth 3 (120 points)
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1 answer 282 views
At the moment, it doesn't show up on the sidebar so I can't access it. I can't access my webcam at all.
asked Jan 23, 2013 about Flatcast Viewer Plugin
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1 answer 788 views
How to solve error code 101 in Maxthon browser?
asked Jan 22, 2013 about Maxthon Browser