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Latest questions about "board"

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1 answer 118 views
How to stop flashing in Windows 10?
asked Feb 24, 2016 about Atlantis Quest
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1 answer 112 views
Do you have a version for cell phone use?
asked Jan 28, 2016 by Billie Purkey about GamesGrid Backgammon
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1 answer 139 views
Where can I buy Monopoly Here & Now Edition for me PC?
asked Nov 13, 2015 about MONOPOLY HERE & NOW EDITION
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1 answer 312 views
I used my old Bicycle Board Games with Windows 95 through Windows 8.1 with no problems. It doesn't work well with Windows 10, even though I have used every combination of compatibility settings.
asked Oct 27, 2015 about Bicycle Board Games
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1 answer 74 views
I have the above software which I installed on Windows 8.1. The board is fine, but no pieces, so I can't play. Will I fare better with Windows 7?
asked Oct 10, 2015 by Raymond Filsell about Chess Mentor®
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1 answer 87 views
Can I play against another person in offline mode?
asked Aug 19, 2015 about Real Backgammon
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1 answer 280 views
I can't play GamesGrid Backgammon on my Mac. Why?
asked Mar 22, 2015 by Rob
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1 answer 159 views
What is the serial number of the Carl'ss Classic game?
asked Aug 16, 2014 about Carl's Classics
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1 answer 125 views
How can I get the music from this game? Is there a program that can help me with this task?
asked Aug 3, 2014 about 3D Magic Mahjongg Gold
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1 answer 77 views
Are there any different tile patterns to choose from?
asked Jul 19, 2014 about Shanghai Mahjong
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1 answer 139 views
Is JellyFish Light available for Android phones?
asked Jul 18, 2014 about JellyFish Light
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1 answer 118 views
I downloaded this game, but it doesn't say anywhere how to arrange your tiles in the Mexican Train. Can you help me with that?
asked Jun 25, 2014 about Buku Dominoes
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1 answer 88 views
How can I use Chess Base Reader?
asked Jun 19, 2014 about ChessBase Reader
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1 answer 163 views
Will the version 3.5 of Jelly Fish Light run on a Windows 7 64 bit machine?
asked Jun 18, 2014 about JellyFish Light
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1 answer 66 views
What tile sets are included in the game?
asked Jun 6, 2014 about Ultimate Mahjongg
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1 answer 127 views
Does the game have 3D support?
asked May 19, 2014 by Guest #30401479 (120 points) about CompuChess
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I need some help please. I just found the solution here how to record the calling on Tango, but what I want to know is how to get all calling reports or a calling history with someone on my Tango?
asked Apr 16, 2014 about TanGo
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3 answers 167 views
What is the URL that Blitzin uses to connect with ICC? I want to temporarily block my ICC usage (it's too addictive, sometimes!). I use the stayfocusd Chrome extension, but when I block "www.
asked Mar 17, 2014 about BlitzIn
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1 answer 51 views
How is the score calculated?
asked Feb 1, 2014 about Romi
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1 answer 110 views
I have this app and played free online backgammon with real opponents. I just downloaded it, and now it seems to be requiring that I purchased coins before playing backgammon.
asked Jan 4, 2014