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Latest questions about "audio file recorders"

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I want to switch off "Automatically send a chat message when Skype call starts". How can I do that?
asked Oct 29, 2013 about Amolto Call Recorder
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After editing a file in the program, can I use Audacity to upload it to SoundCloud?
asked Oct 29, 2013 about Audacity
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When I add a link and click the checkmark, I get "Error loading the Live365 station title". I know the link works because I tried it a few minutes before and it worked fine.
asked Oct 7, 2013 about MP3 VCR
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I had purchased the above software a few years ago. I registered the product under with my email and the serial no. on the CD cover of the installation disc.
asked Aug 19, 2013 by Firoze Hirjikaka (120 points) about BIAS SoundSaver
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Hello! I have a problem with Tunatic on Windows 8. It says "Server Unreachable". Can you help me please?
asked Jun 7, 2013 about Tunatic
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I have been using Bias Soundsaver and until today everything was fine, but now I'm getting the following error message when sending it to iTunes in Windows: script host no tracks script: C:\Program...
asked Jun 4, 2013 about BIAS SoundSaver
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When I turn on the Kaossilator Pro it takes quite a long time to load because for some reason the device loads a loop that I have saved on the card.
asked Feb 10, 2013 by Dani 3 (120 points) about KORG KAOSSILATOR PRO Editor
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Can Audacity show vocals in different colors to distinguish between speakers?
asked Jan 30, 2013 about Audacity
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Love this program, but on the "tray" at the bottom of the playback screen, where there used to be a volume slider, it's now squelched up under other icons.
asked Oct 1, 2012 about YouTube Audio Capture
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PolderbitS will not work in Windows Compatible mode. Yet, they have new programs that advertise that it will run with Windows 7. Should I uninstall the program and download an updated version?
asked Aug 25, 2012 about PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor
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Is there any way to boost the volume of one (Left or Right) stereo channel while a song is being recorded? Or, at least, can I boost it after has been recorded?
asked Jan 15, 2012 by Patrick Ferreri (120 points) about BIAS SoundSaver for INport
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Why does it say "Check your input device settings" when I press the red button to record?
asked Mar 19, 2011 about Audacity
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How do I remove Freecorder Toolbar. I cannot remove the Freecorder from my computer. What should I do?
asked Jan 23, 2011 by Sune Ek (120 points) about Freecorder Toolbar
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Can you help me to change my recorded voice in a telephone voice?
asked Jan 5, 2011 about Audacity
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To help cover development costs and keep offering this program for free we are bundling the program with 3rd party software.
asked Feb 12, 2010 by Brendan (120 points) about MP3MyMP3
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How to organize sound files using Spin It Again?
asked Feb 2, 2010 about Spin It Again
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I recently got this software from GAOTD. I downloaded and activated it. I didn't get to do to much with it beyond those things at that time, so I tried to work with it yesterday.
asked Oct 4, 2009 about RadioGet
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I am at present copying LPs to my pc, and to the Audacity software I have installed. For some reason or other I have copied one side of a record onto one track, and the other to another track.
asked Aug 12, 2009 by David Aldred (130 points) about Audacity
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I don't understand automatic name file and renamed file. Where is the help file for Smart PC Recorder?
asked Feb 12, 2009 about Smart PC Recorder
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I already paid for SoundTap but my computer hard drive crashed and I need to reinstall the program. How can I do this?
asked Aug 6, 2008 by aurora (120 points) about SoundTap