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Latest questions about "audio file players"

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I bought another iPod of new version. After I connected my new iPod with the older version's iTunes, it's not working. Why?
asked Mar 23, 2010 about iTunes
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My iPod Touch doesn't find iTunes. It tells that an unknown error has occurred.
asked Mar 16, 2010 about iTunes
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2 answers 197 views
My iPod is not working. When I disconnect the USB cable, the iPod screen shows "Connected. Eject before disconnecting" message. What can I do?
asked Mar 12, 2010 about iTunes
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I have a Dell XPS M1330 and my Creative MediaSource Player doesn't work anymore. I want to reinstall it, but I can't find a download link. Can you help?
asked Jan 21, 2010 about Creative MediaSource
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2 answers 213 views
I want to see videos in slow motion. Can you help?
asked Jan 19, 2010 about Winamp
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2 answers 167 views
I want to change my iTunes skin. How to download and add new skins on iTunes?
asked Jan 17, 2010 about iTunes
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1 answer 155 views
It has stopped working after 3 weeks on my Dell Inspiron 531 with Microsoft Vista Home. Tried deleting and reloading but still Microsoft window appears saying the program has stopped working.
asked Jan 5, 2010 about Nokia Ovi Player
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3 answers 177 views
After I open iTunes and updating its library, I get an error message. When I click "Send", iTunes closes. This error occurs for almost 2 weeks.
asked Dec 27, 2009 about iTunes
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3 answers 133 views
I installed iTunes for my iPhone 3G and when I connect the USB cable to computer in order to get started, it tells me that iTunes is not opening.
asked Dec 25, 2009 about iTunes
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1 answer 168 views
What does the following warning mean: Sky Star2 init error?
asked Dec 13, 2009 about ProgDVB
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1 answer 99 views
I'm from Nigeria and I want to buy movies and music using my GTB ATM card. Can I use this software to burn data on a CD?
asked Dec 2, 2009 by souleimon (120 points) about Zune
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1 answer 162 views
I can't play MP3 files with MpcStar 4.2. Can you help me?
asked Nov 28, 2009 about MpcStar
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1 answer 147 views
I'm using WMPC Home Cinema 1.3.1249 right now, but it cannot read RMVB files. What version do I need?
asked Nov 16, 2009 about Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
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1 answer 96 views
My Windows Media Player is not coming up. Can you help?
asked Nov 3, 2009 about Windows Media Player
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3 answers 296 views
How to convert files to Winamp format?
asked Oct 31, 2009 about Winamp
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4 answers 260 views
When I open VLC software to play a video or music file, the desktop screen color is changing and the program is no longer responding. Can you help?
asked Oct 23, 2009 about VLC media player
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4 answers 215 views
After a crash, my system restored the previous version of Apple software. I can't upgrade it because the MSI package don't match.
asked Sep 22, 2009 by James Fox (220 points) about iTunes
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1 answer 192 views
I'm using MediaMonkey on a Vista 64bit OS. It has been running perfectly, but for a week or so I've been getting aт error message that "MediaMonkey - Audio Library" has stopped working.
asked Sep 19, 2009 about MediaMonkey
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1 answer 145 views
Can I play .swf files with Digital Music Player?
asked Sep 5, 2009 by phonky (120 points) about Digital Music Player