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Latest questions about "audio and video"

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I have a Mac Book running OSX 10.8.4. Do I need to install Synctunes on my computer in order to transfer tunes to an Android device that has already installed the Synctunes application?
asked Aug 4, 2013 about iTunes
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I'm trying to use this player to enjoy some Blu-ray movies on my Macbook Air. Is there any tutorial I can refer to?
asked Jul 24, 2013 by alexjudely (120 points) about Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player
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I thought it's much better for a video player with a clear menu, as now your software has been in a quite degree, so i'm wondering......
asked Jul 15, 2013 by edadorcey (120 points) about Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player
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Some apps keep getting error when I try to update via Mac Informer. The apps that are updated still show as needing an update according to Mac Informer.
asked Jul 11, 2013 by Chip (120 points) about
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I often watch videos on my XBox 360 from a flash drive. However, the Xbox does not recognize SRT subtitles.
asked Jul 11, 2013 by Drew Johnson (120 points) about HandBrake
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I have a few ISO files in my computer, I'm wondering whether it supports the files because the description on their website told that ISO is supported.
asked Jun 20, 2013 by Mattew (120 points) about Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player
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I'm using an iMAC OS 10.6.8 with Sibelius 6.2. I purchased the ROLAND UM-ONE USB MIDI INTERFACE. I've downloaded the driver software for version OS 10.
asked Oct 31, 2012 by Harald Halvorsen (120 points) about Audio MIDI Setup
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IVMS-4200 software is not compatible with OSX 10.8.2. Can you help? Process: iVMS-4200 [12413] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: com.
asked Oct 25, 2012 by DJ James Phoenix (120 points) about iVMS-4200
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Is there any way to run this application on my iPhone?
asked Oct 24, 2012 about Mobile Media Converter
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How can I get my serial number as I have reverted from Mountain Lion to Snow Leopard?
asked Aug 30, 2012 by Michael Kelly 1 (120 points) about MDRP
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My 3AW radio will not load any more. Not sure why. Any ideas?
asked Jul 19, 2012 by Ian Jensz (120 points) about QuickTime Player
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I downloaded the Glaurung server package for Mac and when I opened the package and started it, I saw the configuration screen and that's it. I cannot change anything because the program hangs.
asked Jul 2, 2012 by kater (120 points) about Glaurung Server
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How do I set the QuickTime Player to record a webinar at a specific time?
asked May 8, 2012 by bobspitz (130 points) about QuickTime Player
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E-mail from Windows users will not play the WMV video. What could be the problem?
asked Feb 13, 2011 about QuickTime Player
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Why is it that you notify people that their is an update and they cannot get it yet?
asked Jul 22, 2010 by Frank Ptak (130 points) about CD Spin Doctor
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