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Latest questions about "audio and video"

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Can you advise if this software does the following: a. Calculation of velocity - of barbell and/or weights b. Calculate displacement (how far the bar moves)?
asked Sep 8, 2016 by Herman
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Will this work with PowerMac G5? Trying to make a highlight video for my high school soccer player.
asked Sep 7, 2016
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When I create a web banner using this software, will it allow me to do the following: "Same action to collapse as it was to expand and close button required"?
asked Aug 10, 2016
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Where can I get iMovie HD 6.0.4?
asked Aug 4, 2016 by Frank Haeg
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Can you save conversations so you can reuse them in Text2Speech PRO?
asked Jul 29, 2016 by Rebecca Butler
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I'm using Audirvana v 1.5.12; do I need v 2.x? If so, where can I obtain and pay for it? Are there circumstances which mean I should not upgrade Audirvana but instead upgrade OS?
asked May 30, 2016 by sound
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I have a Macbook running OSX 10.6.8. Is there an app version that I can use with it?
asked Apr 10, 2016
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I've downloaded MacX Video Converter Pro, but can't see any instructions on how to use it. How can I find the instructions?
asked Apr 2, 2016 by Dan Fava
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What ripped formats will DVD2oneX2 work with? Will not create a DVD ripped to MP4 format.
asked Mar 8, 2016 by Frank
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Hi. I have digital audio mixer with GPI (general purpose interface). How can I connect the GPI to vMix software? I have digital input/output card and I can take Input from the mixer by card.
asked Feb 16, 2016 by Ahmad.alhaffar (120 points)
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Which version of PopCorn Time do I need for Mac OS 10.6.8?
asked Nov 8, 2015 by elsh
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1 answer 187 views
Need to add artwork to my music in iTunes.
asked Oct 10, 2015 by Katherine1212 (380 points)
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Is there a way to download videos on iPad?
asked Sep 12, 2015 by anvsoftfeng (220 points)
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I need a minimal version of K-Lite that does not replace my MPC. Do all of them have the media player?
asked Jul 28, 2015
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My laptop PC with Windows 7 is dying, so I have acquired a Macbook. Is there a version of Cakewalk Pro Audio for Mac?
asked Jul 16, 2015 by Pato
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How do I add a "pause" to the speaking? In other words, I want the voice to wait a few seconds before speaking.
asked Apr 12, 2015 by Erik
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What is the best free tool for joining audio and video files?
asked Apr 2, 2015 by Creative Technosoft Systems (120 points)
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I have a MacBook Air (I also own an iMac but the MacBook Air is more portable) and I have a small 3000 Lumen Projector to play with and learn how to use VPT7.
asked Dec 30, 2014 by Ken
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When trying to edit my videos from my Zoom Q3HD on my Mac, the program freezes. I have the current version ( What could fix this issue?
asked Nov 25, 2014 by SbrickwallS