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Latest questions about "audio and multimedia"

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When I download a song, it doesn't go in my iTunes library. Can you explain me how I can solve the problem?
asked Nov 17, 2010
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1 answer 64 views
Recovery disc creator does not work.
asked Nov 16, 2010 about Sonic RecordNow!
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1 answer 118 views
Can Aiseesoft Total Video Converter be used to copy and repeat a portion of a home video? And if yes, then how? I am a computer dummy.
asked Nov 15, 2010 about Aiseesoft Total Video Converter
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1 answer 185 views
How can I uninstall Nero Lite because it has so many problems. Any advice?
asked Nov 14, 2010 by admirimi5 (120 points) about Nero Lite
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1 answer 131 views
my system is i3 processor why this package not supported on my system?
asked Nov 14, 2010 about Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
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1 answer 112 views
I can't use Windows Media Player after I installed a skin. Can you help?
asked Nov 14, 2010 about Windows Media Player
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1 answer 75 views
Can't open my MP3. Can you, please, tell me what to do?
asked Nov 14, 2010 about eMusic - 50 Free MP3 offer
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1 answer 119 views
how did this get installed on my computer?
asked Nov 13, 2010 about AC3Filter
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1 answer 113 views
I cleaned my computer and I lost my drivers. I have the disc, it comes up to pick my Handycam and then nothing happens. What can I do?
asked Nov 13, 2010 about ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder
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1 answer 115 views
How to buy Magix products? Will the product be delivered to Indonesia?
asked Nov 13, 2010 about MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition
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1 answer 172 views
Where can I download CeQuadrat just!audio? I bought this software but my laptop crashed and I can't find the original CD.
asked Nov 9, 2010 by Philip West (120 points) about CeQuadrat just!audio
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2 answers 183 views
How can I update my Windows Media Player on Windows 7?
asked Nov 9, 2010 about Windows Media Player
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1 answer 154 views
I have successfully converted 2 files from my ICD-ST25 from a .dvf format to .mp3. They were both ST files. On my third attempt, an LP format, while I get a new file with an .
asked Nov 8, 2010 by Donald Higgins (120 points) about Sony Digital Voice Editor
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1 answer 134 views
Can I download videos from the Internet?
asked Nov 6, 2010 about SpeedBit Video Downloader
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1 answer 59 views
Now, every time I finish the recording it says "BindFile Fail". I can't play or save anything. Can you help?
asked Nov 6, 2010 about aplus screen recorder
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1 answer 150 views
Does Voyetra Music Write Plus have a signal error?
asked Nov 4, 2010 about Voyetra Music Write Plus
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1 answer 332 views
I have a Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU T2330 1.6 Ghz x64 processor with 1GB RAM and 110GB hard drive. I installed Readon with Framework 4.
asked Nov 4, 2010 about Readon TV Movie Radio Player
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1 answer 168 views
My Zen is 5 years old. Due to personal difficulties at the time I put it away and forgot about it till today. I installed the CD but can't get it to sync my music.
asked Nov 2, 2010 by Sherry 1 (120 points) about Creative MediaSource
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1 answer 129 views
How to match my Histon UA-25 SN to EDGE?
asked Nov 2, 2010 about EDGE
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1 answer 157 views
How to disable the singer's voice on FLV Player?
asked Oct 29, 2010 about FLV Player