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How to get rid of the file Update31.exe. I cannot delete it from my PC.
asked Mar 30, 2012
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My Computer recognizes the player but Media Player won't sync to it. The player was formatted. How do I get Media Player on Windows 7 to recognize the Sansa player and sync my music?
asked Sep 4, 2011 by John Howard (120 points) about Sansa Updater
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Is Cisco IP Communicator supported on Windows 7? I get a blue screen with error : DRIVERIRQLNOTLESSOR_EQUAL caused by cipcCdp.sys which I guess, is a Cisco IP Communicator file.
asked Jul 23, 2011 about Cisco IP Communicator
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How can I reset the pin for mini400 magnetic reader?
asked Sep 27, 2010 about PIN Reset Application
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hello, Ive installed software informer on 3 Notebooks, but on this one here I cant find this Register-button "Give awaqy of the day" in the main window of software informer.
asked Jun 14, 2010 about Software Informer
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I have been using my Easy Photo Printer with my laptop that had Windows XP. I have a new laptop with Windows 7 and the printer drivers will not install.
asked Dec 26, 2009 about Canon Easy PhotoPrint EX
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Several years ago I bought an English course named "Euro Plus + Millennium Reward" issued by YDP (Young Digital Poland S.A.). I never used it and never made the setup.
asked Oct 10, 2009 about Software Informer
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After I click on the installer an error message comes up and says that "the requested operation requires elevation, unable to execute file". Can you help me?
asked Sep 27, 2009 by Barb 2 (120 points) about FM Patcher
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1 answer 169 views
How do you rectify the following error: "Error: Runtime C:\Program Files\AdvantexMobile\ph4mpa_32.exe abnormal program termination"?
asked Nov 26, 2008 by Links (120 points) about Advantex.Bravida Mobile Application
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1 answer 154 views
I need Windows Installer 3.1 to install Live update in my computer. Pl help me.
asked Nov 13, 2008 by s k raha (120 points) about Software Informer
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What is the use of Adobe Flash Player?
asked Sep 23, 2008 about Adobe Flash Player
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Where can I get a copy of this software?
asked Sep 17, 2008 by fx215 (120 points) about Tait TM8200 Programming Application
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1 answer 196 views
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Can anyone assist in getting a driver for this device? I have to reinstall this as it appears to be corrupted. Thank you.
asked Jul 7, 2008 by Kenneth Chng (120 points) about Acer OrbiCam Application
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I can't remove it from Control Panel. Can you offer some guidance?
asked Jul 3, 2008 about ErrorSmart
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When is Software Informer going to have a proxy option?
asked May 17, 2008 by sstevens (130 points) about Software Informer