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Latest questions about "android"

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My MLS Destinator in Android smartphone doesn't work. I have it on micro SD card. What should I do?
asked Dec 8, 2015 by Giannis Aspiotis (120 points)
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How do I find out if the MNet Asian music awards will be a story in Snapchat?
asked Nov 28, 2015 about Snapchat
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Hi, I am switching from Android phone to the iPhone 6S Plus. i have transferred a bunch of things like contacts, photos and music to the new iPhone.
asked Nov 28, 2015 by queetiano (120 points)
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I purchased the FPV Booster and downloaded it to my tablet. When I tried to download to my phone, it asked me to purchase again. Do you now allow for multiple platforms on a single purchase?
asked Nov 28, 2015 by Tom Ashmore
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Hello, I need help. My phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) has suffered physical damage and it will no longer turn on. I found the data is still alive in there and that it can be extracted using external means.
asked Nov 23, 2015 by Dailyrous (200 points)
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I am writing this mail to let you know that I have an issue to fix on. I am using Android HTC desire A9191, version 2.3.5. I had been using Hotstar YB live, movies app for a year.
asked Nov 22, 2015 by Seema
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I need to disable last seen in IMO. Can you advise on how to do it?
asked Nov 22, 2015 by Sujith
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Okay so I sent myself a snap like an year ago. Like I didn't send it to anyone. Would it be saved on your servers? Or will it get deleted? Is there anyway of anyone seeing it?
asked Nov 22, 2015 about Snapchat
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Can WEN software be used with Windows 10?
asked Nov 18, 2015 by JOHAN PIETERSEN about Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder - callX
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Have installed Blocked - this popup box comes up with the choice of "Cancel" or "Settings". Click Cancel, then it clears and comes right back.
asked Nov 14, 2015
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I want to delete the app right now from my LG G3 phone, but don't want to lose my songs. How do I save them to my memory library?
asked Nov 13, 2015
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I have a K3 Note with the CHINESE ROM VIBEUI V251512_5495.1 and I'd like to install a recovery and root the phone; the user interface of the LENOVO Smart Assistant is only in Chinese.
asked Nov 13, 2015 by sergio
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1 answer 87 views
I bought a K3 Note and I'd like to update it. I installed the Lenovo Smart Assistant but it is not usable as the whole menu is written in Chinese.
asked Nov 13, 2015 by Sergio256
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1 answer 190 views
How to update Android OS manually?
asked Nov 13, 2015 by Jdw
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I am looking for a useful document scanner for Android that I can install on my mobile phone. I hope it can extract text within the document for me.
asked Nov 13, 2015 by maymayer (120 points)
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Downloaded the app, now how do I get it to run on Android phone?
asked Nov 11, 2015
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I just bought Automatic Pro Call Recorder and it records only the first second or so, how and what should I do to have the full recording, the same I had with the free version.
asked Nov 8, 2015
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Where is the trash bin on my Samsung tab?
asked Nov 5, 2015 by
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I seem to have a virus on my mobile (Android). When using Splend (a to-do-list app) it keeps popping over to the Internet to download WhatsApp (fake website).
asked Nov 5, 2015
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How to download for Android?
asked Nov 5, 2015 by 0178025560 (120 points) about GreatWall99