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Latest questions about "access control"

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How to use this program to better prevent an attack?
asked Nov 2, 2009 about Intrusion Detection System - Sax2
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1 answer 492 views
I am Raja and I recently downloaded this software and used successfully up to now. But recently I wanted to update this software but my Kaspersky Antivirus did not recommend it.
asked Oct 24, 2009 by Raja J (130 points) about My Lockbox
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1 answer 260 views
I can't find the password. How can I uninstall the program without password?
asked Oct 10, 2009 by Marc Waxman (120 points) about Hide Folders
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How can I uninstall Internet Lock from my computer?
asked Oct 1, 2009 about Internet Lock
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hi. S.I. informs me that there is new update but when i download and install it - it still say that i have and outdated version :-( any comments about that?
asked Sep 3, 2009 by JOZIKus (120 points) about PeerGuardian
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3 answers 611 views
I have forgotten my Folder Security Personal password. How can I unlock the folder?
asked Aug 28, 2009 by William Tong (140 points) about Folder Security Personal
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I have been using Peer Guardian for a few weeks. I had it working then did a re-install of the OS. When I reinstalled it I went from 15 lists to 5.
asked Aug 7, 2009 about PeerGuardian
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I forgot the password for Folder Security Personal. How can I open it again?
asked Mar 18, 2009 about Folder Security Personal
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I'm using the Easy File Locker software. I just forgot my password and now I can't uninstall the program and access my hidden files. Can you help?
asked Feb 11, 2009 by cruz dhivakar (130 points) about Easy File Locker
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1 answer 102 views
I have installed the system 12SA. On the management screen I am finding the door open. Please help!
asked Feb 1, 2009 by santosh Gupta (120 points) about SYBASE Access Control System
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1 answer 639 views
How can I download the Aventail Connect?
asked Nov 17, 2008 about Aventail Connect
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1 answer 122 views
I installed Folder Security Personal 2.50 software on my computer, but I forgot the password. How can I remove it?
asked Sep 8, 2008 by pradip 3 (160 points) about Folder Security Personal
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I have an Advent 4211 net-book with a built-in Toshiba Bluetooth device, but I can't get the LockItNow to find my phone.
asked Aug 8, 2008 by phil 4 (120 points) about LockItNow!