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The touchpad driver of my laptop is missing or has been removed. I cannot use my pointing device. What should I do?

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When I start my notebook, I have a message saying that "Touchpad driver is missing". How do I install it?

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In order to solve this problem you need to do a fresh installation of your touchpad driver using the original setup package or the Support CD that arrived with your laptop or by using this link which is a generic driver for Synaptics pointing devices. Almost 99 % of the laptops use this driver for the touchpad, buttons and enhancements. Based on your Windows operating system, download the package you need and perform a fresh installation by double clicking the setup you downloaded. From there all should be easy and in a matter of seconds your touchpad is restored and functioning. While installing you don't need to configure additional settings because the process is simple and automatic.

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To download the touchpad driver, use Google and look for your laptop model. You can find the exact model and brand on the back of the laptop. There should be a sticker with all the necessary details. Use that information and reach the Support Center for the brand of the laptop you have. Enter the model and you will be taken to the downloads list. Select INPUT and download the touchpad driver. Usually, it's a Synaptics component.

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Go to manufacturer's official website to download the compatible touchpad driver and install it manually. Also, using Driver Talent to you help you install it. Quite easy.

Good luck.

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