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How can I check if my mobile is beeing tracked?

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I have a stalker that knows things he would only know if he had access to my phone. How can I check that?

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Android? easy!
Everytime your phone is been tracked, the gps icon will show up in your status bar.

The only way that person can track you is if you have a app installed in your device. Or your Google account have been compromised.

Go to your setting and find your apps section.
Make sure you know all the apps. if you dont remember or use or suspect an app remove it.

Some apps can be hidden so make sure you go to the Play Store and take a look at "My Apps"and do the same. delete any suspicion app.

Lastly and most important make sure you change your Google Account password to remove any remote access.

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You can check if someone is spying on you only if you have an Android phone. Android OS allows installing an anti-malware application. Use the Play Store to search for an antimalware application. As a recommendation, you can install Malwarebytes.

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The simple answer is, if you have a phone, you are being tracked. For example, Google makes android. They want to know where you are and what you are doing at all times so they can advertise at you and sell your data. As a result, The 'googlelocationservice' is virtually impossible to stop. (it immediately auto restarts. Endlessly.)
To clarify, this happens even when your GPS is disabled and all location services are switched off.
Check settings - apps - running apps- Google services if you want to check for yourself. Most apps contain 'tracking' software of some kind. That is apparently the price we pay.

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