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closed Route failure possible fix of Export Garmin Favourites to csv and then resinstalling all software?

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I have a Nuvi 2460 LT with approximately 160 Favorites. The Nuvi has lifetime map updates and its software is also kept up to date via Garmin Express.

Before the updates were completed the ability to save and then view a listing of saved routes stopped working(ie. the first saved route was listed many multiple times and none other).

I visited the local Garmin shop and they suggested I backup the favorites, and then add them onto the device one at a time. Each time I add a favorite I need to see of a route can be saved and that it doesn't repeat if I look at a listing of the routes, etc etc.

Seems a long hard way and I am thinking that just reinstalling the software and then restoring the favorites might resolve the issue. As a double backup though I want to have the Favorites listed in CSV format.

What I need is a program to convert Garmin Favorites to a CSV file. Any ideas?

PS: I use OpenSuSe Linux 11.2 and no longer have access to Garmin Express.

closed with the note: Another method to save and restore the POI's will be used ie see my comment.
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Thank you all for the responses and pointers.

I have decided to backup the unit with Garmin Express, reinstall the software and then restore from Garmin Express. Hopefully that wont overwrite the newer programs and all the POI's will be restored, hopefully. ;)

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There is an application called POIEdit that is able to open Garmin Favorites and then export them to CSV or to one of the supported format, however, the application is available only for Windows PCs. This means that it will not work in OpenSuSe, but if you manage to install Wine, it should be possible to run it under Linux. Visit its official website to obtain the product as well as the required libraries.