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What should I use to backup my iPhone? iCloud or iTunes?

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You use both of them to back up your iOS devices or just use one of them? Why?

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Yes, you are able to backup your iPhone files with both iCloud and iTunes application, but there are some differences between this two applications. With iCloud you are able to make backups no matter where you are because this service makes online backups, unlike iTunes that works only on your computer. But, no matter what you use, both of them are reliable and simple to use.

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I have another alternative to iCloud or iTunes, I installed Syncios on my computer, it is a freeware specialized in iOS devices.
It has help ed me a lot to my iPhone 5s, hope this could help you guys.

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iCloud can help to transfer iPhone data to computer. Download iTuens to computer. Connecting your iPhone with Wi-Fi. Then log in computer iCloud with the same Apple ID.
How to Backup iPhone

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Actually, you can use a third-party data backup tool to backup the data from your iphone.

The text messages, contacts, photos all can be viewed on pc, and you can selectively back up them to pc.

how to transfer contacts from iphone

backup text messages iphone

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