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Will a live chat plugin really help grow an online business?

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Is there anyone who can share their experience with me? Did anyone tried any live chat solution on their website?

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As per my personal experience you can try eAssistance Pro. It is an user friendly live chat plugin, fast and secure.

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I have had a live chat solution for my website where I started selling computer parts. I must say that the chat option not only attracted potential clients, but it also increasd the sales and besides that, it offered support in a fast way. For example, someone tried to create a computer configuration but he didn't have any experience in IT and used the chat. A support technician immediately listened to the customer and provided a fast solution by configuring a PC based on the budget. The client was happy, the sale went through and the profit was rising. Chat support is vital nowadays because customers don't like to wait and need information at all times. The easiest way to set up a chat service is with the help of ZenDesk. They're the experts in this area.

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