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How to deactivate my Viber PC account to avoid anyone seeing my messages?

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I have installed Viber on my work PC but I originally had my account open from my phone. Now I left my job and forgot to delete Viber from my PC. I would like to know how to deactivate my PC account to avoid anyone seeing my messages. If I deactivate my account and then reactivate it from my mobile device will it be enough to close my PC Viber session?

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If you deactivate your Viber account you will lose all your messages not only from your PC but also from your phone. To avoid this problems, a simple solution to resolve this issue is to change your Viber password. In this case no one from your past job will be able access your account and all your messages will be safe.

asked May 9, 2016
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How to change Viber password?

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