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I can't install my SRS Labs product. Can you help me?

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I bought SRS Labs product and I want to re-download it again to my computer but your company can't find my email so I'm sending you my invoice information for you to send me a ticket to download it again.

========= GENERAL INFORMATION =========

Merchant : Srs Lab, Inc
Date/Time : 07-Apr-2009 06:16:01 PM
Transaction ID : 2379877288

========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
Invoice Number : 1393458
Description : SRS-Store Order Description
Total : US $29.99
Tax : US $0.00
Shipping : US $0.00
Payment Method : Visa

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SRS Labs have been acquired by DTS corporation. This means that the only way to obtain your product again is by getting in touch with they representatives. Use the contact information on their page to reach the support.

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Thank you I bought the new program already at the new site, but now I'm having a TON of problems installing it (a big time hassle) but I will find a way, thank you so much for your kindness
Your friend
Gus ☼

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