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I found a restricted site on my son's computer. He is 15. How do I block access to it?

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I found a restricted site on my son's computer. He is 15. How do I block access to it?

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can you tell me what sites your children access, because not all websites can be blocked.. or you mean this site.

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I think you go to parental controls and block what sites you don't want him seeing. If there's no parental controls, I can't help you. I'm only 12. :(

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You can add the sites that you wish to block on your computer & even safe keep it by password blocking the same. There are 2 ways::--

  1. Click on Control Panel, --> Internet Options Folder, --> Security Tab at the top --> click one time in the Trusted Zones to highlight it. You'll then see the Sites button. Go inside and you'll be able to see that you can either Allow or Block any sites of your choice. Click the Add button and type in the adress that you want blocked and then hit Block and it will block that site forever(till the time you remove it from there).

  2. In the Internet explorer click on Tools --> Internet Options --> Security Tab --> Restricted Sites --> Sites --> Add the sites that you wish to block by either typing the URL or copy pasting it from the address bar of the site.

Be sure to restart the computer after you've finished making the necessary changes so that the new changes can take effect.

Hope this helps.


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Please install any Internet Security application available and use the built-in URL filter to block the address. You can assign a password to the configuration settings to prevent uninstallation or changes.

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Same situation here. Put parental trackers on their emails family accoubts on outlook abd laptops. You can track their tablets and cell phonesas well. I hate to do it but im not having a bunch of raging perverts under my roof. Plus who knows how much tge government watches? That falls on the parent. Hope it helps. Try thr wonder howoto sight or life hack. is pretty helpful too. Hope it helps!

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To block certain websites on your PC, here' s the trick (for Windows):

Step 1: Click the Start button and select Run. Now copy and paste the following text in that Run box:
Choose "Notepad" to open it.

Step 2: Go to the last line of the file, hit the enter key and type in the following format:
Eg: If you want to block and

Step 3: Save the modified file.

That's it. None of the above sites can be visited on your computer. One per line if you want to add more web sites. In this way you can only block website one by one, if you want to block websites in large scale, you can use a professional web filter which will help you easily block websites by keywords or URL. I have Aobo Filter running secretly on my PC. It is not only a web filter but also a Program blocker. It can block games, applications from running on PC.

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I suggest you put a reliable parental control software like Aobo Filter for PC on your son's computer to help you block such inappropriate websites for good.

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