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How to remove browser redirect virus?

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I am facing the above problem. Google Search is my default search engine where as at times, goes redirected to Yahoo engine:

I have done the basic attempts to remove but in vain. Relevant details are: Using Lenovo make Z-580 model laptop with Windows 8 platform, Google Chrome + as browser and AVG 2014 Anti-virus and Malwarebytes for antivirus and antimalware solutions.

Please advise me suitable steps how to go about removal of this problem for which I shall be thankful to you.

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Try to run a session of AdwCleaner because it's very likely possible the browser suffered from a take over application. AdwCleaner will clean the rogue add-on that changes the search engine of your browser.

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you can check out this manual removal guide at This guide will in detail show you how to remove this redirect virus from your web browser like IE, Chrome and Firefox.

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If you are sure the default search engine is Google, please check your browser add-ons and toolbars for any unwanted browser extension. Does your homepage get changed too?
You probably won’t be able to change your default search provider if your computer is infected by malware. You should immediately do a full scan on your system and remove malware from your PC, and then revisit this article.

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I like to use imymac——Browser Cleaner to clean up browser traces, historical records, etc.Browser Cleanup lets you clean up junk files, cookies, and history, eliminate deceleration reasons, clear privacy traces to protect your confidential data and more. It is performed on Mac OS and Mac OS X.

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