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My username and password aren't recognized by the application.

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On the Kalahari website, my e-mail and password work, but the Kalahari eReader doesn't recognize them. It keep telling me there is something wrong with my e-mail address or password. How can I fix this?

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In this matter, it's advised to first check the Internet connection. It's possible that the application can't connect to the Internet in order to validate your data. Also, make sure that the eReader isn't blocked by Windows Firewall or by your antivirus Firewall. It's advised to update the application's version to the latest one. If none of the provided solutions helped you, contact the developer on the official website for additional support.

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in my case i forgot my password and i was given my username and password ,but each time i enter them the answer" username and password invalid" what next should i do?

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