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How to delete W64.Viknok.B!inf Malware that infected DLL files from my system?

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I'm great at following directions, but messing with registry items and deleting files isn't something I do on a regular basis. I have removed the W64.Viknok.B!inf virus but there is rplcss.dll file which keeps popping-up. Is it a virus file? My Computer is running increasingly slow. What can I do to solve the problem?

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Yes, W64.Viknok.B!inf virus can compile malcious files such rplcss.dll file to infecitous system. If you have more tha one rplcss.dll files detected on Windows Task Manager, there will be virus files. The best way to fix such problem is to remove W64.Viknok.B!inf virus files and entries completely. You need show hidden files first. For more information, you can access to VilmaTech - The Global PC Support Center to search such virus removal guides.

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W64.Viknok.B!inf is a stubborn Trojan virus. You need to remove all its files and registry keys from your PC.

To find show hidden files, you can Open Start Menu and then go to Control Panel. Then use the search bar to look for Folder Option. Check Show hidden files and folders and un-check Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) in the View tab of Folder Option window.

If you don't mind, I can recommend a removal guide that contains detailed removal steps and a video tutorial.

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There is a very simple way to get rid of all these infections. It's impossible to say at the moment if the DLL file is infected or not. However, to avoid any other complications, download a copy of the Combofix application. It will "aggressively" scan all the areas of the computer including the protected zones or any deep level of kernel core. Combofix will disable Internet and force close all the opened applications to avoid spreading and it will restart the computer as many times as it's necessary. After this process, the malware or any other virus you might have will be deleted.

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