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Installing KIK on Bluestacks.

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I have downloaded Bluestacks on my PC and installed KIK. My friend has sent me a video. I've tried to watch it, but it opened for Kik and the video had a black screen. How can I download it to my PC?

I have tried pressing the save button but it didn't work and saved nothing.

I've clicked on the share button, but I can only share it with other Kik users. I dont have a phone or a tablet. Hence I've downloaded Bluestacks and Kik to my PC.

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Bluestacks is a softaware the is still in devolepment. It is one of the best in the market.

There is no perfect emulator for phone and PCs.

Try other emulators.

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In order to email your videos, you should follow two steps. The first thing to do is to install GMail. Use the built-in search or simply access the application's page on Google Play Store. At this point you add an entry in the Share list. Secondly, install a launcher. You can use Apex Launcher. This gives you access to the Gallery app. Press the home button after installation, and select Apex. Press the apps button, go to Gallery, select Video, tap on Share, choose Gmail and that's it. You can now email the video.

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