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How can I recover my Windows Administrator account password?

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How can I recover my Windows Administrator account password?

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Restart your computer and press F8 and select from the Safe Mode menu > Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter. After the loading process is ready, type: net user (the name of the administrator account)/active:yes/. Next type: shoutdown -r and wait until the Windows complete the restart process. The administrator account will appear without a password.

Another method that can help you recover your ​administrator account password can be applied​ only if you have another guest account. You can use a program like Windows Password Key to help you recover Windows local administrator or user password and domain administrator password.

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If you want to find the lost Windows admin password back you can have a try with Ophcrack. This tool is claimed to be able to recover lost password but can't guarantee you a success and may take you much time to download it. If you want to reset the password with ease you can use Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate. Many user say that they have used this tool to reset their password successfully.

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