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I need to find an application to globally change the setting of bass/treble in Windows 7.

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The setting from Windows 7 is absolutely appalling. I need to tone down the bass and fix the treble (automatic fix from Windows is bad).
I need a freeware 3rd party software that will let me apply the changes to all applications on my PC (e.g. Youtube, games, media player, etc.). Is there such software?

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Windows already offers the possiblity to change the equalizer and adjust the Bass Booste levels.

To adjust the bass/treble, use the following instructions:

  • Right click the volume control and choose PlayBack Devices
  • Right click the speak and select Properties
  • Navigate to the Enhancements tab and check Equalizer plus Immediate Mode (see image below)
  • Adjust the left bars for bars and right bars for treble.

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