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Agilis EMS issues. Can you help me?

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When I use Agilis EMS 1.4.23 to configure and monitor my BUC logged in as Admin, the following error messages are always repeating. I enabled all Windows services but no success. Kindly advise how I can use the EMS.

Some internal errors occurred while running the application.

Please follow the steps to resolve it.
1. Close the IE window.
2. Exit the Agilis EMS application. Give enough time (3-5 seconds) so that the services will be closed properly.
3. Start the Agilis EMS application.

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First try to use the indicated possible solutions like enabling Windows services, computer restart, Internet Explorer restart then perform a re-install of the application. If the software has an update module, make sure to activate it to check for latest updates. This could also be a bug in the software's code. You can fix it using the update module.

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