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Sending SBPL Command from Motorola MC55 to SATO MB201i using Sybase Pocketbuilder

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I've tried to send SBPL command from Motorola MC55 to SATO MB201i portable printer to print barcode label using Pocketbuilder 2.5. Unfortunately, the printed output is not the barcode label but rather is the string exactly the SBPL commands I've sent.

In other words, it is likely the SBPL command I've sent was not interpreted in order to produce barcode label.

My question now: is it possible to send SBPL commands to portable printer in order to print barcode label using Sybase Pocketbuilder 2.5? Hoping anyone can give me a solution.

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I don't think you can send SBPL commands through Pocketbuilder. In fact, Pocketbuilder is used to create and deploy applications. It doesn't have support for sending commands to a printer or such. However, I recommend checking the official help from Sybase. They provide all the necessary details related to the way Pocketbuilder works.

Sybase help:

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