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Anyone knows how to remove the trojan installed on my computer?

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I got this Trojan.Inject.ED and seconds after I re-ran full scan, and voila, Rovnix.gen!C was detected. My computer is now running poorly. I got no idea how to remove it because all I know is to get anti-virus program to do its thing, but never expected that it would fail.

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Try downloading Combofix from its website. Restart the computer in Safe Mode (rapidly press F8 at the boot screen) and then run Combofix. To make sure that the Trojan is removed, perform a 2nd run when first is finished, after restarting the computer.

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For the removal of Trojan.Inject.ED follow below mentioned steps:
• Start task manager – Processes
• Select mentioned exe processes, “ccdrive32.exe, ms1236954652.exe, msauc.exe, svschost.exe, rkn2xny0.exe, avmd.exe, WindowUpdate.exe, windows7addon.exe, pqlmq.exe, rjyz.exe, rkn2xny0.exe, winupdatekb081113.exe, pblew0p7.exe, ali.exe” and click to ‘End processes’.
• Close task manager when this is done.
• Now start command prompt and type “regsvr32 /u spclpt32.dll” and hit enter.
• Repeat same for “lrpfwl.dll, dfxovl.dll, spcffwl.dll, and crypts.dll” files and close cmd.
• Now go to start and search for “ccdrive32.exe” in the search box and press enter. Delete all the results.
• Repeat same process for “ccdrive32.exe, ms1236954652.exe, msauc.exe, svschost.exe, rkn2xny0.exe, av
md.exe, WindowUpdate.exe, windows7addon.exe, pqlmq.exe, rjyz.exe, rkn2xny0.exe, winupdatekb081113.exe, pblew0p7.exe, ali.exe” and restart your system.
• Lastly perform a complete system scan with the help of some strong antivirus software such as Immunet, Norton 360, Kaspersky, Avast, Avira etc. Leftovers of Inject.ED will be removed.

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First, restart the computer and enter safe mode. Open control panel in the start menu, search for unfamiliar processes and terminate them. Move to registry editor, search for malicious files and delete them all. You can refer to a similar Trojan virus removal guide here:
Hope this help you out fast and safely!

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Hi, you can try manually removing the threats from your computer by following the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Turn on (or reboot) your computer.
  2. Wait for the computer to initialize the hardware and prepare to load the operating system. While you see something appear on the screen, please press and hold the F8 key several times until the Advanced Boot Options screen appears.
  3. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select Safe Mode with Networking, and press Enter.
  4. Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete keys simultaneously and then you need to click on start task manager to launch the windows task manager.
  5. Go to “Processes”, look for the malicious or suspicious processes and stop them by selecting them and clicking on the “End Process” button.
  6. Click on the Start button, and click on Control Panel.
  7. Click on “Appearance and Personalization”, and then select “Folder Options”.
  8. Under the “View” tab, click “Show hidden files and folders”, uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” box, and click “OK”.
  9. Navigate to the local disk C.
  10. Search for and remove the Trojan horse related files.
  11. Click the Start menu, and type “registry editor” into the search bar.
  12. Select “Registry Editor” in Programs from the result list.
  13. Search for and delete all malicious registry entries.


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Step1: Start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
Step2. Kill the Trojan related processes.
Step3. Show the hidden malicious files and remove them.
Step4. Delete all registries entries of the Trojan.
You can also remove Trojan.Inject.ED automaticlaly with a professional malware cleaning tool.

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