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Recently moved ProVenture Invoices & Estimates ver:1.0 to a new computer and have errors.

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I am running the Proventure software on the new computer using XP Compatibility Mode set up on a Windows Virtual PC within the 7 platform. I've gone through the Invoice Setup Wizard and entered to old serial number, etc.
Everything seems to be fine until I try to access old invoices. If I am in the REGISTER tab and try to access an older invoice created before the new installation of PV on the new computer, I get the error window that Microsoft has encountered an error and the program shuts down.
If I access an invoice created after I'd done the "new installation of PV" I can retrieve it just fine. Same thing occurs if I try to enter a customer name that is old versus a new customer name entered after the installation. Reports/ Accounts Receivable/ Invoice Journals, all appear just fine. I have a feeling that it's a version problem. The old computer for PV is and the new computer installs PV version Perhaps the version 4 info reacts differently in the new install of version 1. Big problem is Avanquest won't even work with me to help the situation. They're abrupt and sometimes even rude. Can you please advise me and help me?

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This is actually the drawback of using XP Mode. Although it increases compatibility regarding basic functionality, it will give you major errors. The solution is very simple. Instead of using XP Mode, try installing VirtualBOX and create a Windows XP machine. It will run virtually, but you will have 100 % success in using the application because, although you will emulate Windows XP, it will run in native form, without interacting with resources from Windows 7. On their website, there is a FAQ which explains how to create a virtual machine. Install VirtualBOX, install XP and then drag and drop the setup file of your application inside Windows XP. Make sure to install VirtualBOX additions.

This will surely help and prevent any errors with the application since you will be working in an emulated environment with 100 % functionality of the original file system.

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