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I have entered too many pattern attempts and forgot my backup PIN. I have a Galaxy Note phone. Can you help?

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I have important voice records in my phone, but I took my SD card out and tried to put it in another phone to check whether the files are in the card. Unfortunately, there are not there. I think they're saved in the phone's storage. What can I do to save all the files inside my phone? Will it be deleted if I reset to factory settings?

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If you can't use any way of recovery, then all the custom content will be erased from the phone if you perform a factory reset operation, but if the voice records are in a custom folder, I believe Android will not touch those. It will clear Android and .android_secure folders.

It's a 50-50 situation, but you can try factory resetting the phone. Make sure to pull the pen out first, before going to recovery.

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i don't know my sansung galaxy tab3 pattern or backup pin

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