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How to get rid of FileParade Bundle uninstaller?

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The FileParade Bundle unistaller somehow got on my computer and it has a folder called Optimizer Pro and another folder called Webstroids. My problem is that it seems to start a Webstroid program every time I go on the Internet. I have tried to remove the folders but it is still there. I have emptied my Recycle bin and confirmed it is not in there. I have run many virus scans but it still keeps coming up when I go on the Internet. Please help!

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I've got the same problem! It won't let itself be removed..... clicking on FileParade in listed programs switches names to Websteroids, and will not allow itself to be removed...I'll get back to you as I keep on trying methods....!
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Finally, after none of any suggestions I read were of any use whatever, I just went to a previous "Restore Point" and it worked. It was that easy! :D

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it must be that you cannot remove the rest part of FileParade Bundle still stay inside your system. so that's why it comes back again and again even you delete it files. the most efficient way to eradicate FileParade Bundle from your PC is to go into the registry editor to remove its values completely. Now, you can press Windows+R and type "regedit" in the box and click OK. Then search for FileParade Bundle and remove the entries keys. If you still cannot uninstall it, you can come to to get more detailed removal guide.

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I have followed your advice, and when I get to the registry there is no listing for FileParade...just one item called, "ab" I am not sure I want to "delete this value" as I don't know what it is! Of course, clicking on FileParade in listed programs switches names to Websteroids, and will not allow itself to be removed...I appreciate your advice! Thanks!
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The solution might come from Combofix or AdwCleaner. These two applications are developed to use removing techniques that you will not find in an antivirus because they are created with 3rd party applications. However, run Combofix and wait for the scan to complete. All the mentioned items will be deleted from your system.

During the scan, your computer might restart a few times and the scan time varies based on the number of installed applications and how bad the infection is.

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Combofix is on a 3rd party blacklist!
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Well, try remove this unwanted program in Safe Mode. It could hide components in the system. Search and delete all it's files and folders. Follow helpful step-by-step removal guide to completely get rid of FileParade Bundle Uninstaller.

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